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Dos and Don’ts for Donate Household Items to Charity

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Donate Household Items to Charity

When you want to remodel or rearrange the interiors of your house it is a huge task how to dispose of the old items. You can just think of donating these items to a charity so that not only you can be happy with the renovation of your house but some more people who are in need can also be made happy.

There are some Dos and Don’ts when donate household items to charity which you need to keep in mind so that it is done in the right way. Though the points given here are generally known to everyone but this can serve as a gentle reminder.

Dos to keep in mind for Donate Household Items to Charity:

There are simple guidelines which you have to follow while donating the goods which you treat a waste in your house to charities where they can make the best use of the goods.

Choose the right charity

There are a number of charities around you which accept many forms of donations and use them in many ways. Some accept the donations of household items also which they either give them to the needy or resell them and use the money for charity programs. Goodwill and Salvation Army accept a wide variety of household items. So you can give away almost everything what you want to donate at one place and don’t actually need to move from one organization to the other. But in case you want to donate a large amount of the same goods like old towels, these two organizations are not the right place because they do not accept them. You may go to Humane Society to donate them.

If you can spend some time during the remodeling of your interiors, you better try to classify the items to donate them to different organizations like animal shelters, Women and homeless shelters,rehabilitation, food banks, libraries, schools and many others which may possibly make the best use of your donations. You can feel satisfied only when your items really fulfilled people’s needs. This even encourages you to do more such activities.

Tax Deduction:

If you plan to avail a tax benefit then you need to take a receipt from the charity organization and estimate the value of your donations correctly. This facility is available only with some organizations and you need to find out what they are. For such donations you must prepare a list of all the items that you want to donate and estimate the approximate value of all those. This depends on how far the items are in the condition to use. So you can consult your auditor along with the charity to estimate the value. Once it is done don’t forget to take a receipt for your donation and provide the copy during your tax assessments.

Follow the Method to Donate:

Take care that you follow the method stated by the charity to donate your goods. Charities always appreciate your kindness when you want to donate your goods but, to donate them without making them incur extra expenses is also important. The organizations have volunteers who work for them or the employees who have to be paid. So, you have to take the responsibility of bearing the expenses incurred. So when you schedule a pickup of goods from your house be ready for that and cooperate with them to make it easy for them. After all they are removing clutter from your house.

Don’ts to Keep in Mind for Donate Household Items to Charity:

The one important point that you need to keep in mind while giving away your goods to charity, ensure that the goods are a waste for you and not to those who receive them. Because it does not make a point in donating items which are of no use to anybody. It may not be done by intention.

But when you are in a hurry, you definitely make a mistake. These goods are accepted either to give them to the needy or to resell them. If the goods are not able to be resold then what is the point in donating them. Even if the goods do not work or have missing parts they are useless. When you donate your belongings they have to bring happiness to you and to those who receive them.

So keeping these Dos and Don’ts for donate household items to charity, you can make correct use of the items which are a waste in your house but make up for others houses.