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Princess Diana Charity Work

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princess diana charity work

Diana was born on 1st July 1961 in an Aristocratic family. She married Prince Charles, the heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth. She was famous for the charity work she undertook. She participated in fund raising activities to many international charities. She supported the international Campaign to ban Landmines and was also seen as the president of Great Ormond Street Hospital. She is active in many other charity activities which we can see in the lines below.

Princess Diana Charity Work with love and care

Princess Diana was known as the people’s princess for her charity work. This practice is transferred to the next generation and her sons continue to do that. She was sympathetic towards people who are deprived of love and care. She was the guardian of children whom no one wanted.

She never hesitated to touch those people whom no one feels like touching. She mostly attended to the needs of children and all her charity work aimed at that. Because of her love for arts she helped ballet. She brought many issues which took a backseat till then to the notice of the public, the most important of which, is the dishonor faced by the HIV AIDS patients.

This continues even now in the form of her sons. Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund was started by her sister in her memory and funds those activities which were close to Diana’s heart.

Though Diana was a president or a sponsor to number of charities she personally concentrated on campaign to ban landmines and HIV AIDS patients.

Princess Diana Charity Work for AIDS

In the year 1987 there was not much awareness among the public about HIV AIDS and people had many wrong beliefs regarding the disease. She was one of the first celebrities to touch AIDS patients and get photographed. The shame which was related to this disease was removed later on and she was responsible for such an achievement. She could understand the feelings of the patients and change their respect in the eyes of the society.

She visited the African AIDS patients, number of times and besides that, she was personally in favor of the National AIDS Trust and encouraged public forum on AIDS as a wide spread disease.

List of Princess Diana Charity Work

Land Mines:

In 1997, Diana visited the landmines which attracted both criticism and appreciation. Though the government was frustrated by her moves she succeeded in increasing the pressure to ban the landmines. She did not bother the criticism and went forward to fight for her goal and achieved it.


This organization focuses on youth and teenagers who are homeless. The organization provides them with shelter, education. Not stopping there they even undertake counseling and job placement and refer them to professional services. That means they help the teenagers earn their livelihood on their own. This was started by Diana and is now carried out by her Son Prince William.

The English National Ballet:

Princess Diana loved arts and hence sponsored the English National Ballet. This is the only one benefited out of her hobby.

The leprosy Mission:

Princess Diana was always held by sympathy towards children who were suffering from different diseases. She sponsored the Leprosy Mission which focused on delivering services of treatment, medicine to those who are a victim of this disease.

The Royal Marsden Hospital:

This hospital is famous for providing treatment for cancers in children. Princess Diana sponsored this hospital and in 2004, this hospital developed into National Health Service trust which led the hospital into an improved financial position. Diana always visited this hospital to boost the confidence of the little ones who are treated there.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children:

This hospital is famous for doing miracles in treatment. They undertook many complicated cases of injuries and diseases in children and treated them giving the parents the smiles of their lives. This hospital was sponsored by Princess Diana.

Princess Diana Charity Work touch many people’s heart

Once we observe all these charity works carried out by Princess Diana, we get to know how she loved people and most importantly she could not see children suffer. She wanted all the children around the world to be happy and hence focused on all possible charities that will benefit the children.

She never wanted the children to be distressed by their condition. So she always visited them to show them that there is one person on Earth who cares for them and she proved the same. Until her last breath she never hesitated to lend her helping hand to the suffering children. Her legacy is now carried out by her sons which is a true tribute for her.

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