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Charity Auto Auction

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Charity Auto AuctionWhat is Charity Auto Auction?

Metro auto auctions undertake the sale of the donated cars to help the charities. These auctions are carried out for passenger cars, SUVs, vans and trucks. These are carried out by the Charity auto Auction site in which the potential buyers need to place their bid.

How to bid in Charity Auto Auction?

To bid in Charity Auto Auction, the first thing you need is to know what vehicles are available for auction. For that click on the “Current Auction” button or search for a particular category. You can view the pictures of the items available for the auction.

Then you need to register to go ahead to place the bid. You will be given a bidder number. You need to enter all the fields which are mandatory and submit the details. An active bidder number is sent to your mail.

Now click the “Current Auction” button. Identify the item what you want to bid on and enter your price in the space allotted.

There is an option to enter your maximum bid. This will enable the computer to take the lowest price acceptable up to the maximum bid. After you enter these details go to the bottom of the page, enter the bidder number and password which takes to another page which gives the details of the item on which you placed your bid. If you are convinced with the details you can submit the details. If not you can cancel the bid and go to the first screen. You will be notified if your bid wins and you need to check in the site once the bidding ends. You can bid as many times as you like on a particular item until the bid ends.

This is for your notice that if a bid is placed at the last minute of the auction then the auction will be given an extra time of 2 minutes to give an opportunity to others to bid. This will continue till no bids are made in the last minute. This applies only for that particular item and not for the entire auction of all the items.

Terms and Conditions in Charity Auto Auction

When you place your bid for a particular item on the site it is taken for granted that you agree to the terms and conditions. Before you place your bid you can come and check the vehicle yourself to avoid any conflicts in future.

  • No type of warranty will be given to the vehicles. The seller doesn’t take the responsibility for any defects or authenticity. The description of an item is provided only to identify the item and should not be taken as a warranty. There is a possibility for the buyer to inspect the item before placing the bid and hence the seller does not accept any responsibility regarding any defects.
  • The vehicles which are less than 10 year old and if their price is more than 2500 $ then there would be a limited warranty of 24 hours for the engine. The vehicle is to be returned to the Charity car Auction for the rectification within 24 hours. It is done free of cost or the money will be returned.
  • The seller will not guarantee the gears in transmission.
  • The sales cannot be taken back and once the auction ends the winning bidder becomes the sole owner of the vehicle.
  • Once your bid wins you need to pay the amount for the vehicle and there is no excuse.
  • The auction ends at 8PM on Thursday and that will be the time for the payment.
  • Once the auction ends the winning bidder is the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle is to be taken away from the site immediately by paying the price.

Payment Policies for Charity Auto Auction

The payment in Charity Auto Auction can be made in any mode like cash, traveller’s cheques, normal bank cheques or money orders. Credit cards and Debit cards are also accepted but 3 % extra would be taken. Cars once sold should be taken immediately by clearing the payment.

However you can pay 25 % of the amount or 200$ whichever is more and can keep the car till the following Monday for which an extra rent for the space will be charged. If the buyer fails to pay the balance amount by Monday he has to lose the deposit amount.

A Valid licensed driver is required to pick up the vehicle. To finish the legal formalities the buyer needs to produce a valid photo identity card issued by the state. The title is transferred to the buyer once he furnishes all the required documents.

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