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Charity Organization Society History

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Charity Organization Society

Charity Organization society is known for its support and organization of new methods to the philanthropic activities led to the advancement of social work into a profession. This foundation was established in 1869 in Britain mainly as a solution when there was huge competition and non-cooperation among different charity organizations which led to unsystematic donations.

No one ever bothered whether the correct person received the help. This is not the fault of the organization but of the human tendency of the social workers involved with the organizations. Volunteers without training and without preparation or plan of action make the situations worse. But this worries those who really wanted to provide relief.

Charity Organization Society History and its work

From the above mentioned issue the charity organization society identified two needs which have to be satisfied immediately. One of the needs is to provide help to those families with extreme poverty and struggling to live. The other one is to bring an understanding among all the charities and make them organized so that the resources are used to the maximum.

Some other groups also identified these problems and tried to bring up a solution but only after the establishment of charity organization society that it really fell into place. Initially as in other charities the things are messed up in this foundation also but after 1870 when C. B. P. Bosanquet took up the position of the secretary everything became systematic. Many offices have been opened to manage programs on a large scale and the organization became famous for its organized activities.

The principle on which the organization works is by the method of investigation. The result is a case paper. Hey strongly believed that there should be a visitor only in special cases and if there is consent from the sponsor. Even after the completion of a case, they studied to learn how the method worked.

This is the base for the development of case work methods. These methods are collected and a comprehensive plan is developed. These are transferred to the future caseworkers as a part of their training. So the organization taught very little new methods as it mainly depended on the transfer of procedures to the successors. The organization did not hesitate to transfer these methods not only to its volunteers but also to the other social workers who were interested to do something to the society.

The charity organization society established tie ups with other organizations which agree to their methods and tried to expand the organization all over Britain and make the service easily available to the needy. The organization stressed on organizing the activities and investigation on the case and connected these to different ideas to resolve the issue by classifying deserving and undeserving, went forward successfully and systematically in serving the people.

Charity Organization Society Programs

As the organization had tie ups with many other societies, it consisted of many groups which followed the methodical philanthropy to serve the people who are in need. They did not want to be just fund providers to the people but wanted to make the individuals more confident to live independently which help the person to grow up. With this type of an approach the organization has become a source of information to all other societies. It undertook work to help tuberculosis patients and worked on the improvement of the education of young children and those people of the city itself where they took up the work funded directly to these activities.

They worked on how to make an individual stronger to face the adversities and stand up for his life. They believed in making an individual self-sufficient rather than giving him financial help. This method attained popularity among all the other charities and many like-minded organizations made tie ups with Charity organization society and lent their helping hand to make the activities successful.

From the time of its establishment in 1869, the charity organization society took up activities which followed the method of self- help and reduced the intrusion of the government in finding a solution for removal of poverty. They encouraged the effected individuals to stand up on their own and eliminated any slackers and focused on those areas where the service is needed the most. This foundation was later named as Family Welfare Association in the year 1946 and continues to offer its services even to his day. The organization still follows the same method of case works and expanded their range of activities all over Britain receiving both compliments and comments from critics.

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