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Charity Christian Fellowship Review

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Charity Christian Fellowship is situated in Lancaster County, PA. They take the opportunity as a blessing from God to train people and provide disciples too to many local churches in and around Lancaster and in Africa and Asia. They even send the preaching throughout the world through cassettes, CDs and through internet.

The Begin of Charity Christian Fellowship

An Amish man and a Baptist preacher received God’s word to initiate this. They were so saddened by seeing the churches in which spirituality was missing. So they brought their hearts and brains together to materialize the idea of reviving the churches. The year 1982 has seen this dream of Mose Stoltzfus and Denny Kenaston come true in the form of Charity Christian Fellowship.

Charity Christian Fellowship and The Church

As days went by there was an improvement in the fellowship as a message from the heaven. The church is now filled with the brightness and sanctity of the Lord. Mose along with his family regularly attended the charity which gave him the idea of managing a tape library. His family started making the tapes of the service and maintained a library. This gave birth to the Gospel Tape library which was carried out by Mose’s children. People were impressed by these tapes and they started ordering for them and every house was showered with the blessings of the lord in the form of the biblical preaching.

The Tape ministry was renamed as Charity Gospel Tape Ministry in 1990 and was shifted to the church building in October 1994 and recruited staff and developed to serve the needs of the people. It was again shifted to Ephrata Business center in September 2001 and joined hands with Ephrata Christian Fellowship along with Charity Christian Fellowship to cater to the needs of the people. As the mission expanded, the tape ministries became less significant and the name became Charity Ministries. By the end of 2010 Ephrata and Charity wanted to organize their branches separately and as the idea came they worked on it and the transition came live from November 2011. Both of them had work hard on it to keep things in place but with the blessings of the Lord they could achieve.

The publication of the magazine “The Heartbeat of the Remnant” started in 1994 with 1000 copies initially but it shot up to 4000 copies now. The circulation of this magazine covers 6 continents and 30 countries. When Ephrata and Charity began work separately the responsibility of this magazine is given to Ephrata. Numerous phone calls are received daily from many countries. The online library is expanding and as a treat there has been increase in the online messages and orders that they receive daily. Requests for tapes and CDs go on continuously and they are sent all over the world with an intention to make the world one big family. The main aim of this charity is to spread the biblical preaching to each corner of the world where everything has become more materialistic. They aspire to bring change in the hearts of the people and generate love for God and for each other.

Charity Christian Fellowship

Charity Christian Fellowship

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