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Angelina Jolie Charity Work

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Who on Earth doesn’t know Tomb Rider? Yes, Angelina Jolie is our very own Lara Croft in the film. She is known to everyone by her philanthropic activities more than her films. Being an Oscar-winning actress and also a professional model, she never sat back watching her success. Angelina Jolie Charity Work involve the humanity. Born to Jon Voight, an Academy award winner and Marcheline Bertrand, got trained in Strasberg theatre institute before coming into films. She proved her golden heart by adopting three children along with the three children born to her.

Angelina Jolie Charity Work in Kenya

Angelina Jolie Charity Work in Kenya

The beginning of Angelina Jolie Charity Work

While Jolie was shooting for Tomb Raider in Cambodia she realized the need for humanitarian activities throughout the world. She contacted the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which is responsible for the protection and resolution of the problems of refugees around the world, to understand the places which are in extreme need of compassion.

Jolie is on the mission of protecting the refugees since 2001 and in more than 20 countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Kenya Namibia etc. she even relocated the people. We all knew how an earthquake hit Haiti recently and took a huge toll of life. She did not hesitate to visit the place and offered a helping hand to the survivors of the calamity.

She named her charity Jolie-Pitt Foundation and offered their services to eliminate extreme poverty and spread awareness to protect natural resources and wild life. The foundation donated 1 million dollars to a charity organization named Doctors without Boundaries, which helps people who are affected by violence, disaster, military battle, epidemics, malnutrition etc. in about 60 countries, to attend the emergency needs of the earthquake hit Haiti. According to the tax documents the Jolie and Pitt have donated about 8 million dollars for charity alone in 2006.

Angelina Jolie Charity Work in Africa

Angelina Jolie Charity Work in Africa

When asked about why she is so moved by the refugees that she even relocated so many of them, she says that the refugees should be admired for their courage to withstand such situations and should not be looked down. Such is her compassion towards humanity.

Angelina Jolie Charity Work Recognition

Angelina Jolie Charity Work was recognized by the UNHCR and was chosen as the goodwill ambassador of UNHCR in 2001 to spread awareness and respect for the refugees among the people and to make them understand the difficulty the refugees face to restore their lives against all odds.

The foundation became more active over time in spreading awareness about the situation of the refugees worldwide. As a part of that Jolie regularly attends the world refugee day in Washington D.C as an invited speaker and maintained good contacts which help to accomplish her mission.

Education Partnership for Children of Conflict is another organization, which Jolie undertook. This organization sponsors for the education of children in the conflict areas. Impressed by the thought, many non-government organizations and charity organizations including many great individuals came forward to stretch their hand in providing education to the children from 2006 and now nearly 350000 children are benefitted in the conflict areas in addition to providing improved education facilities to about 700000 children.

As a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR, Jolie needs to travel extensively in the troubled areas to know the conditions of the people. During those visits she is known to bear all her expenses and even share the living conditions of the other field staff. She is such a down to Earth woman with a golden heart. She visited Afghan and Pakistan refugee camps and donated 1 million dollars.

Angelina Jolie Charity Work in 2008

In 2008 Jolie and her brother made a donation to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as a memory of their mother who died of ovarian cancer. Recently Jolie Underwent double mastectomy and took an oath to spread awareness of breast Cancer.

After all these years of sincere service Jolie is now assigned the duty of a special envoy of UNHCR Antonio Guterres. With this position she has an additional responsibility of undertaking support programs, representing the UNHCR at the embassy level and involving in discussions to decide the solution for the displacement of the people. She will play an important role in organizing the meetings addressing the issue.

angelina jolie's charity work in pakistan

angelina jolie’s charity work in pakistan

Angelina Jolie Charity work mainly addresses the issues like abuse, adoption, fostering, orphans, AIDS & HIV, Cancer, disaster relief, Education, Refugees, Poverty, Human Trafficking, Women, Health, Environment and Literacy. Being a star she never laid back watching her status, but took the responsibility to give back to the people and hence took up the charity and from day one addressed the above issues and worked on spreading awareness among the people about those issues.