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Dreamz4u Charity

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Dreamz4u Charity Review. Do you love children? Who on Earth can say he won’t. Children are so innocent with a pure heart and they have the right to get all happiness in the world. What if the child does not have the time to get all the happiness? Can you imagine a child with a very short span of life?

It is so horrific to just think about it. Then what is the situation of the parents of those kids who are suffering from life threatening ailments and do not have much time left? They want to fulfill all the dreams of the child in that short span. But is it possible for common people to do miracles to fulfill the dreams of their little ones? A charity organization, Dreamz 4 U recognized this need and took an oath to fulfill as many dreams as they can and help the kids to be happy in their last days.

Dreamz4u Charity

History of Dreamz4u Charity

Dreamz 4 U was established on April 18th 2007 in Scotland. The volunteers in this organization are dedicated to fulfill the last wishes of young children suffering from chronic and fatal diseases like Cystic Fibrosis, Brain tumors etc. If you know of such a child and want to fulfill his or her dream then just contact the charity and fill in the application with the type of dream the child has. They will provide you with the list of dreams and you can select the apt one from that.

Dreamz 4 U proudly says that they are able to fulfill at least 10 dreams per month with the help of the common public. The news about this charity has spread and the number of dreams has been increasing day by day. Though it is sad that there are number of children suffering, it is happy on the other side that the children are able to fulfill their dreams in the short time they are left with.

Dreamz4u Charity Donations

Every penny of the donations made by the public is used to the cause. How wonderful it is to help a child realize his or her dream. Children suffering from chronic illness or who are disabled are mentally let down and may not have interest in their lives. The donations help to make their dream come true and bring them back to life and make them more enthusiastic and confident.

For those children who are suffering from a fatal disease, it is of course a golden chance to fulfill their dreams and have a satisfied last breath. Dreamz 4 U is dedicated to bring smiles on the faces of many children who are very much disturbed by their illness.

The charity helps the parents to withstand the tragedy of the loss of their child by helping them to fulfill the last wish of their child. Though they miss their child they will be satisfied that they made the dream of their child true. You can recommend a child to Dreamz 4 U or you can donate to make the dream of any child come true.