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Knitting for Charity

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Knitting for charity is an amazing way of helping the people in need. You not only get to knit more than what you knit for your family and friends but also gets you happiness as you help others. Even if you are not aware of who would get your valuable homemade gifts, it would create a good feeling that your work fulfilled others’ needs.

Knitting for Charity’s Work

Knitting for charity can include making baby hats, blankets for the homeless people and chemo caps for cancer patients.

Here are some of the tips before you start your big charity work of knitting.

  • The best idea is to check in your locality to know who are in need of knitted items. It can be a homeless individual or a children’s floor of a nursing home. When you start with a local charity you get inspiration to make the knitting practice big. When you knit for the local community you understand their needs better. Take the ideas of knitting from a national knitting charity and apply them in your community. Moreover the appreciation that you get when you help the people in your community is even more. This is another reason why knitting for charity works perfect in a local community
  • It is better to ask the recipients if they have any requirements to be met before starting your knitting. For example if you want to send knitted caps for military soldiers, they actually want all the hats to be in black and not any other color. So if you send hats of other colors it actually will be of no use. So if you find what the recipients need the most before you start your knitting, you don’t need to face such situations. This is another reason why knitting for charity works perfect when you do it for a local community.
  • When you want to knit, the size doesn’t matter. Blankets, scarves and hats do not have any size and can be fitted to anyone. But if you want to knit sweaters there may arise, an issue of size. But if a charity has asked for sweaters then there would be people ready for any size of the sweaters. So, just go ahead and knit.
  • Knitting for charity is an amazing group activity if you can bring some of your friends on board. Even if some of your friends are not so perfect in knitted they can try their hand in knitting simple items like an afghan. The items need not be fancy but should be able to serve the purpose. It would be a great fun experience if you can get your friends who are interested in knitting to make your project of helping others complete
  • There are some more important points that you need to keep in mind while you start knitting for charity.

Used Item

Don’t try to donate used items unless a charity says that it accepts used items. Make sure that no one smokes around the knitting area. See that new yarn is used for knitting. Take care that the knitted items are clean when you give them. More importantly knit with full heart.

Charity knitting patterns for babies

charity knitting patterns for babies

Classic hat patterns can be the first items to start your knitting project because they are easy and the recipient feels happy on getting one. What is more satisfying than knitting baby caps? Try Bunny hop baby hat or baby hoodie with rosebuds. They make perfect caps for babies. Chemo hats for cancer patients are another great idea for knitting. The Cancer patients who have lost their hair will be overjoyed to get one. You can donate the baby caps and chemo caps to a local hospital.

Here are some Free Charity knitting patterns for babies you can find:

Many non-profit organizations accept donations of the knitted items to people in need. These knitted items include Afghans, blankets to children, stylish chemo hats for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, purple caps for babies, handmade items of care and comfort, scarves, watch caps, sweaters, shawls and security blankets for homeless dogs and cats. You can donate these knitted items to the local non-profit organization and let the people in need receive them.

Knitting for charity becomes fun when you do it collectively with your friends and family. Inspire your friends to join their hands in your work. Decide what to knit and keep all the things ready to start your work. Imagine the smile that your work brings on the recipient’s face and do it whole heartedly. This sends best wishes of caring to the recipient through your knitted work. Enjoy knitting for charity and help others get some happiness through your knitting.