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List of Charity Work in Phoenix

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Charity work in Phoenix is carried out by different non-profit organizations. They always require volunteers who can render services with dedication and sources for financial aid. If you cannot give your time to serve then you can very well donate money to the charities to ensure that all the people who are badly in need of help in Phoenix area can receive it. We list out a few non-profit organizations which carry out the charity work in Phoenix area.

List of Charity Work in Phoenix

Charity Work in Phoenix az

100 Club of Arizona:

It is a non-profit organization which serves Phoenix area. Their main focus is to provide financial help to families of public safety officers and fire fighters who sacrificed their lives on duty. The organization makes sure that the families are looked after for their safety and welfare. This organization was established in 1968 and has been serving the state of Arizona ever since. They provide help to the families of all types of safety officers including probation, correctional and parole officers and fire fighters. The dependent family members of the safety officers are eligible to benefit from this organization.

Since the establishment of this organization it has helped more than 700 families with more than 2.6 million dollars. This was started initially to serve the police officers of Phoenix area but later expanded to entire state of Arizona. They not only provide monetary help to the families of the deceased safety officers but also fund the safety agencies to get required safety equipment and training to the officers. A recent development in their work is giving scholarships to the family members of the safety officers who want to go for higher education.

American Healing Arts Foundation:

AHAF was established in 2009 and serves the greater Phoenix area. This non-profit organization mainly focuses on serving the veterans. They offer free art classes including the materials to the veterans. This program is actually targeted to create rehabilitation to the veterans as art proves to be a successful treatment for mind, body and soul. These classes help them to come out of the stress and traumas caused by the fearful wars and lead a peaceful life.

They give printed dog tags to anyone who donates 5 $. They want to campaign about their organization in order to reach to more veterans who can be benefited by the art classes. They are in great need of volunteers to work for them. This is an important charity work undertaken by this organization as they identified their duty of serving those who served the country day in and day out.

American Heart Association:

This organization was established in 1949 and is working on spreading awareness about heart diseases and helping people to make their heart healthy by giving free tools and resources.

American Liver Association:

This organization serves many states including Arizona and is working on spreading awareness about liver diseases.

American Red Cross:

This organization is dedicated to relieve people from suffering all over the country and is a part of the Global Red Cross which works around the world. This organization helps people of five different categories right from its inception in 1881.

  • Victims of disasters
  • Help the military people and their families
  • Spreading awareness about health and safety
  • Collecting, processing and distributing blood to more than 3000 medical centers throughout the country
  • International relief and development

List of Charity Work in Phoenix For animals

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue:

This non-profit organization was established in 1998 and serves the greater Phoenix area. The organization is mainly focused on animal welfare. They save Basset hounds from Euthanasia and offer them for adoption. The organization provides veterinary care, food, support and home to all the Basset Hounds, Bloodhounds and Basset hound mixes. They do not take any chances in the quality of care provided to these animals. Once the animals are given for adoption they provide guide about the personalities, behavior and other special requirements. The organization collaborates with local and state shelters for animals to save these animals from euthanasia.

There are many other non-profit organizations in Phoenix which take up charity work in different fields like Arizona Braille and talking library, Arizona center for Germanic cultures, Arizona Humane society, Arizona Self Help, Association of Arizona Food Banks etc. which look after the needs of the people in Phoenix area.

For example the Association of Arizona Food Banks take care of the increasing needs of the hungry citizens of Phoenix. People donate to these non-profit organizations and help the charity work in Phoenix to be carried out without any hindrance.