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Charity Programs in Singapore

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Volunteer to help Charity programs in Singapore. Singapore is famous for consisting of the maximum number of non-citizens in the world. It is also famous for having the highest number of charity programs, Charity shows and donation drives. The best part of Singapore government is that it doesn’t have a need to think of the welfare of the poor people like in many other developed nations. So they can concentrate on many other issues.

charity programs in singapore

The charity programs in Singapore also can work on other programs by which the people are benefited. NKF, Thong Tai Charity Show, Thye Hua Kwan, Renci Hospital and Annual President Start Charity are some of the non-profit organizations which take up the charity programs in Singapore. People actually donate a part of their monthly salary to government run homes. Salvation Army collects food throughout the Christmas season each year. School donation drive is undertaken to benefit libraries and to construct new premises etc.

Several Charity Programs in Singapore

Singapore Children’s Society is another non-profit organization which takes up programs for the welfare of the children in Singapore. They are focused to save and raise children irrespective of their race and religion. This organization was established in 1952 mainly to meet the requirements of children. It expanded to 9 centers now and are aimed to provide services related to caregiving, community, preventive, remedial, developmental and public education. All the centers collectively reach to thousands of children satisfying their needs every year. They are dedicated to provide help to the children and make their childhood happy. The organization works with compassion, caring, commitment, professionalism, integrity and openness to change as their main values.

Philip Morris International encourages donations to improve the living conditions of the employees and to the farming communities of tobacco. Hunger and extreme poverty, education, rural living conditions, domestic violence, and disaster relief are the main issues addressed by the charity in addition to many other issues and they work with commitment to provide improved conditions to the people.

Yellow Ribbon Project is another charity program which is aimed at reforming the criminals. The objectives of this project can be classified into three.

  • Spread awareness of the necessity to give another opportunity to ex- criminals and their families to lead a changed life.
  • Make the general public in the society try to accept the ex-criminals and their families.
  • Inspire the public to encourage the restoration of these people and help them to get mixed up in the society.

Hope Charity Programs in Singapore

There is a program called HOPE which focuses on different issues faced by the people. The charity activity created a program which tries to educate them on positive mental fitness, anger management and even takes care of smoking termination and sexual abstinence problems in youngsters.

They encourage participation of the people as volunteers to meet the needs of children, elderly and physically and mentally disabled patients. They create a social program which involves elderly people to instill hope in them and create better living conditions and help them.

They designed family life education programs to make people more effective in dealing with issues related to marriage, relationships, parenting, inter-generational relationship and work-life balance. They have a skill training fund which is used to train the young people and needy families in a particular skill to make the self-sufficient. These are some of the charity programs in Singapore which take care of the people in need.

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