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Poverty and Crisis in Canada

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Overcome Poverty and Crisis in Canada. Canada is one of the wealthiest industrialized nations and it is surprising to know that poverty is still persistent in the country. The rate of poverty in Canada is the highest among the member nations of Organization for economic cooperation and development.

Though there is no perfect measure for rate of poverty in Canada, finding the relative poverty is the best method to assess the rate. Strong economic growth, good amount of funds getting transferred to the welfare of the people, Medical facilities, Education systems and minimum wage laws are the principles on which the government depends to reduce the poverty.

After recession the relative poverty significantly decreased and only a few groups still experience poverty. Children, single mothers, aboriginals, people with mental disorder, the disabled, immigrants and students come under the groups with low incomes.

Poverty and Crisis in Canada

Why there is Poverty and Crisis in Canada?

There is always growth and recession periodically in Canadian economy. Though the government extended their assistance to people with low incomes, the major help is offered through the churches. In the years later to the Great Depression there were huge changes taking place in the social programs and this decreased the rate of poverty gradually over the years. In the recent past the immigrants had an income slightly higher than the low income range but it is decreasing with the arrival of new immigrants year after year.

In Canada it is still not clear whether an absolute measure of poverty is the correct method or a relative measure gives a correct picture of poverty in Canada. An absolute measure gives the level of inability to provide basic needs to people whereas a relative method indicates the separation and inequality among the people. It is stated by some intellectuals that a combined measure would give a clear picture of the poverty in Canada.

Poverty measurement in Canada

Basic needs poverty measure is a method to measure the absolute poverty. In this method the basic needs of the people are identified in the first step and then the income required to satisfy these basic needs is calculated. This becomes the standard and the groups with incomes lower than this are said to be facing poverty. Earlier the basic needs included only food, shelter and clothing but now a days, sanitation, education and healthcare are also considered as basic needs of people. Though the rate of poverty declined over the years there are still millions of Canadians below the poverty line unable to satisfy their basic needs.

Relative poverty measure is also known as income inequality metrics as this measure clearly indicates the differences of income among the people. So, if a community becomes wealthier, then the people with lower incomes in that community also show an increase in their incomes. Both the methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and the correctness of the methods cannot be decided.

Overcome Poverty and Crisis in Canada

The government of Canada is trying to follow the same policies as those of the European Union, Ireland and the United Kingdom to reduce the poverty in Canada. Some provinces tried with changes in legislation, some others tried with provincial ministry, while some others addressed child poverty by appointing a cabinet of ministers.

All these changes give a vision of improvement in the rate of poverty. But only government policies are not enough to eliminate poverty as a whole. That is the reason why charity organizations come forward to improve the lives of the people living below the poverty line.

The charities accept donations from the kind hearted wealthy people and use those funds for providing improved health care and education to people experiencing poverty and are unable to afford to these basic needs. Some people even donate clothes and used household items so that the charities give those items to the people who needed them the most.

Rising Poverty in Canada, indeed it’s true!

Can you imagine that a wealthy country like Canada still has people living below the poverty line? But that is true. Majority of the people live lavishly with huge incomes without having any idea of the people who are suffering. The few people with low incomes have to fight constantly for their daily bread.

They still wait for someone to do a miracle to change their lives so that their children don’t need to face the difficulties as they faced. They want their children to get better education and better opportunities in future. This is the picture of poverty in Canada. The non- profit organizations plan their activities accordingly and try to offer help to the people for a better way of living and help them come out of poverty.