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The City of Hope Charity

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The City of Hope was established in 1913 and was known as the Jewish Consumptive Relief Association of California. Right from the time of its establishment, it had developed into a distinguished medical institution with a strong passion to provide empathetic care to patients and treat them with the best possible methods.

As a matter of fact, the City of Hope initiated many revolutionary treatments for Tuberculosis, Cancer, Diabetes, HIV AIDS and many other dangerous diseases which have now become the regular treatments for those diseases.

The City of Hope Foundation Charity

city of hope charity

This was first started by a group of volunteers who were disappointed by a real life incident causing the death of a poor tailor suffering from Tuberculosis in Los Angeles. It was started as JCRA but was a non-religious foundation. They raised funds for establishing a clinic for tuberculosis patients by arranging a concert in a temple auditorium.

As soon as they got 2500 $ they worked out a plan to establish the hospital which started a year later with two tents one for the patients and the other for the nurse. Starting from this stage the hospital developed into one of the best medical institutions in the country.

The City of Hope Charity Facilities

The City of Hope has three manufacturing facilities which helps them to introduce new treatments as and when discovered without wasting time. The City of Hope owns about 200 patents and about 30 new drug applications. This is too enormous for a hospital of its size which proves the commitment and dedication of the personnel involved.

The cooperative attitude of the personnel helps to transform medical discoveries into successful treatments very fast. The researchers from this institution join hands with researches all around the world. They work collectively with others on more than 500 projects in many countries.

They are working on a new approach called ‘Immunotherapy’ which enables the body to fight against cancer with the natural defense system in the body. They are focusing on developing the immunotherapy for brain, ovarian, prostate and breast cancers. The city of Hope is the first institution to make use of the stem cells for the treatment of Glioma, a type of brain tumor.

The researchers found that blueberries are equipped with compounds which fight breast cancer cells. This has to be tested on humans. They are continuing their studies of other foods like mushrooms, pomegranates and grape seed extract for their ability to fight against cancer, while other researchers are working on radiation therapy to reduce the side effects of bone marrow and stem cell transplants.

The City of Hope provides follow-up care and awareness to the survivors of different types of cancers. While one team takes care of counseling and navigation help, another team concentrates on their physical, spiritual; and emotional requirements.

The researchers in the City of Hope are constantly working on finding new treatments for diabetes. They are carrying the studies on to use stem cell transplants to start the immune system of the body in the patients with type 1 diabetes. They are continuing their studies with the help of researchers all over the world to identify the connection between diabetes and cancer and also to find a permanent cure for HIV AIDS. They are trying to find a way out by using the blood stem cell transplants for the treatment of AIDS related Lymphoma. They used gene therapy as a long term solution for HIV AIDS as well as Lymphoma.

City of Hope Charity Care and Support

So many celebrities and sports organizations give their support and help to raise funds to the institution. They give their appearances in charity fund raising events to draw more public attention. Foundations, philanthropists, business people, corporate organizations, and many thousands of individuals who care for others’ lives lend their helping hand to the City of Hope to continue their researches and provide high quality treatment to patients.

The City of Hope expanded its wings from the time it has been established and gave a hope of life to thousands of patients. It is not an ordinary achievement to a simple hospital which has been started only by a small group of volunteers.

The selfless service and commitment of the volunteers group led the hospital to greater heights and to the present level where so many advances are made in the medical field and brought cheer in the eyes of many patients. The researches continue as long as the support from the kind hearted people all over the world continues and the hospital continues to serve the humanity by providing good quality treatments to life threatening diseases.

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