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Charity School of Nursing

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The charity school of nursing is first started as a Diploma program with a collaboration of Charity Hospital New Orleans board of administrators, The St. Vincent De Paul charity hospital and the Louisiana state government.

The first batch consisted of eleven students. The course duration was two years and the course curriculum consisted of lectures by physicians and real time nursing practice in the hospitals. To increase the medical knowledge of the nurses and to manage the increased responsibility, the course duration has been increased to two and half years later and then to three years.

History of Charity School of Nursing

Charity School of NursingDuring the World War II the school took part in the cadet Nurse Corps and sent 760 nurses which was the highest number during that time. The charity school of nursing filled America’s need for qualified nurses. The school even gave a chance to married students from 1964 and is later made into a co-education school.

In the year 1989, to fill the nursing needs in Louisiana, the school collaborated with Delgado Community College as they were intending to commence a degree program in nursing. The school was officially transferred to the new college and the name was changed to The Charity School of Nursing.

The last batch in the diploma course consisted of more than 6000 students and was relieved out in the year 1992. After that the Charity school of Nursing came into place with the degree program in nursing continuing.

Degree in charity school of nursing

The degree program in nursing first commenced in 1991 and the duration of the course was 2 years. This program was liked by the people and more than 200 students enroll every year. The students from this school pass the national nurse licensing exam fulfilling the standards of the state and the nation.

This program is recognized by the national league for nursing accrediting commission and the students are the most sought after nurses throughout the country.

The nursing program has been very much affected due to the hurricane Katrina, but did not set back. Though one of the blocks was flooded with water, 162 students successfully completed the course and a fresh batch has been started as usual. The school even helped to rebuild the town destroyed by the hurricane.

DCC nursing program

The DCC merged with Louisiana Technical College in 1997 which gave a chance of starting practical nursing program to which a certificate would be given after the completion of the course in 18 months. After the hurricane the program in region one was closed and only the program in DCC is open for enrolment. The area of the current nursing school is 200,000 square feet and has a building with eight floors and is equipped with Classrooms, skill labs, media center, two human patient simulator labs, library, two video classrooms, computer center, office, lounge, gym and conference rooms.

The Charity School of Nursing graduates number of nurses every year who successfully meet the nursing needs of the country and provide services to areas hit by catastrophe and help them rebuild their health.