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Are Charity Online Donation Services genuine?

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Find charity online donation service. Can you imagine how priceless is the work done by charities to the society? Though the governments set policies for the welfare of the people there are thousands of people around who are in great need of help.

The non-profit organizations, without expecting anything in return help these people to live their life. How do these charities manage their financial requirements? They depend on the donations given by the people and other organizations to undertake the programs. There are many charity online donation services which undertake the receipt of donations.

online charity donation services

Many of these collections are genuine, but there is always way for frauds to make their share. The easy way to cheat is when the donations are made online. The donors generally think that their money is going to help the charities but it happens in the other way round. But to avoid such frauds do not stop supporting the cause but take care while donating online. We provide a few tips to follow while donating online, but before that try to identify the possible risks.

The Risks of charity online donation service:

  • Beware of fake charity websites. These websites are temporarily set up when some disaster takes place trying to raise funds for the victims of the disaster.
  • You may get carried away by phishing emails which ask for your bank details. Do not disclose your passwords to anybody.
  • Do not make any payments in unsecured websites.
  • Some viruses and spyware give access to your computer to the offenders who can get your bank details or any other details stored on your computer.

Once you are aware of the risks you can take care while donating online. Here are a few tips which you can follow while using a charity online donation service and protect yourself as well as the charity you are supporting from fraud.

Tips to donate safely:

  • Go to the website of the charity but take care that you type the address yourself in the browser. Do not click the hyperlink of the web site received in an email. Further to check the correctness of the web address, call the charity yourself or check through charity regulator.
  • Once you find everything OK with the web site check if it is secure to make payment. Now how to know whether the site is secure? There will be a padlock symbol on the browser frame and not on the page when you try to login or register. The starting of the website address will be “https” the s means that the site is secure. Before you make a payment just spare some time to observe this.
  • You may be receiving so many mails daily. If you receive any mail from charities which you do not know or never supported, do not try to click the links inside the mail and don’t even give a reply. Just delete such mails.
  • Do not get carried away by any sympathetic requests to donate through money transfer companies like Western Union etc. This is a common technique used by cheaters to get money.
  • If you know that the charity is genuine, then only go ahead with entering your debit or credit card numbers or any other bank details. The services like Verified by Visa secure code etc. offer a secure way to make your payments.
  • There are some individual fundraiser websites like JustGiving etc. which take donations to help a charity. You can identify such genuine services and donate your funds.
  • When you want to help the victims of any disaster it would be better to go through Disasters Emergency Committee Website because that is the time there will be number of fraud website coming up to make money through sympathy.
  • If you are still not convinced then see the other ways of donation mentioned in the charity web site or call the charity to know other methods of payment. All genuine charities give alternative methods of donating.
  • Finally if you doubt that you have given your bank details to any fraud, then interact with your bank immediately.


Internet has provided so much convenience in all works simultaneously increasing the risks of fraudulent activities. It is the responsibility of the donor to identify the genuine charity online donation service to make their donations. As it is quoted already, if you follow the above tips while donating you can avoid the risk of becoming a prey to frauds.

This even helps the charity from getting defamed. The main purpose of your donation is to help the charity to serve the needy. There is no meaning in your donation if it does not reach the right destination. So select the correct charity online donation service, follow the tips and make donation and get satisfied that you are a part of a great service.

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