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Charity Christmas Gifts for Kids

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How to give Charity Christmas Gifts for Kids? Christmas is a festival of giving and sharing happiness. It is not just about those who are around you but to care about everyone in the world. This is one occasion you can share lots of love not only to your loved ones but to everyone in the world.

Why not include your children in spreading love and care to those who need them. This is the best way to make your child understand the importance of giving and make him a better person. We present to you a few charity ideas which may work out for you and your child this Christmas. Check out.

charity christmas gifts for children

10 Ideas of Charity Christmas Gifts for Kids

  • Send a warm greeting showing that they are cared or donate for a blackboard or a village water system. These gifts not only make you happy but also change the life of the needy. The recipient of your gift feels a sense of being cared and becomes happy.
  • Kids usually expect a fantastic gift which they have been longing for but the feel disappointed when they get a simple card to be opened. So why don’t you think of adopting an animal through some sites which direct their profits to the conservation of an endangered species. In that way you can get a cuddly toy of the animal you choose to adopt and help the funding to care for an animal in one stroke.
  • Play Santa to a child who is in need. Grab some gifts from a local store and get your kid involved in gifting the children who are in need of a real Santa to bring cheer in their lives so that your kid experiences the happiness in giving.
  • If you want to give a material gift to your kid then opt for a store which supplies items which are hand-made and hence help fair-trade. These gifts have their own beauty. You can also be satisfied that you supported fair-trade.
  • If you want to give your mother a gift with a meaning better go for some specific foundations which provide gifts and homewares promoting the cause they support. Certain part of the profits directly goes to help the cause. In that way you are not only gifting your mom but also promoting the awareness of the cause. National Breast Cancer Foundation is a best example for this.
  • Charity greeting cards is a good creative idea for kids. Make your kids get involved in making the charity greeting cards and raise funds by selling them. Donate the funds to a charity you choose. Kids can really understand the meaning of giving by these gifts.
  • Get your kid involved in selecting the gifts to give to your loved ones from a web site which actually directs the funds to a charity. Select the charity which supports the cause you want to help. Make the kid understand the importance of helping the cause and then choose the gifts. Christmas is the greatest occasion which raises huge funds through gifting. You make your kid be a part of it.
  • You and your kid select the charity together so that the kid learns the correct idea of giving and its importance. Help the kid to concentrate more on giving rather on getting. Select a charity which supports the cause you want to help and let the kid understand the cause.
  • If possible try to volunteer for a charity activity along with your kid and make the kid understand what exactly is being done in the name of charity. Your kid understands and learns better when you do it.
  • Make fleece blankets or knitted caps and take your kid to give them in a local nursing home. Take the help of your kid wherever possible so that the kid gets involved in the work and feels happy to give the items prepared at
  • Instead of donating to a charity you can also lookout for people who need your help in your neighborhood. If there is an old couple whose driveway needs to be shoveled, take the help of your kid and help them. If it cannot be done by you arrange for some servicemen and monitor the work.


All the above charity christmas gifts for kids work out well if you plan ahead. This Christmas why not gift your child with an idea of helping the people around.

Make your child understand the importance of giving and let him experience the happiness in giving. Try to shop in websites supporting various charities and make it a habit to your child to think of charity before gifting.

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