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Poverty in Africa

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Poverty in Africa. The lack of basic human needs indicates poverty. Certain African communities are facing this problem as the per capita income is very much less than those in Europe. There may be different reasons behind poverty. One of the main reasons may be mismanagement of land. There is huge amount of land that is cultivable but is not owned by individuals. The land is either under the ownership of the tribal people or foreign settlers. So the land is left uncultivated and the people often live as laborers.

Another reason may be misused money. Africa received 500 billion US dollars in the form of help but it did not help to get a long lasting result. A part of this money might have been used on weapons, which means it has been sent back to the developed countries and the rest is pocketed by the corrupt governments. There is actually no help done to the people in the country. Because of the huge debts that the country has, necessary services like education, pensions or medical care are not being provided to the people.

The governments of some African countries could not decide on which project to spend the resources and wasted them. For example Akosombo dam was constructed in Ghana to produce and supply electricity to take Aluminium from Bauxite but it was found that the ores are of low quality and the electricity is given to other countries for this process. There are many examples similar to this where the money was misspent.

Reason for Poverty in Africa

Corruption is another reason for poverty in Africa. Though it is not confined to Africa or is spread in every inch of the world but it is a major issue. Some families in Africa give importance to their relations and execute bribery when they are in power to develop their own families instead of the country as a whole. So corruption led both the money got as help and the foreign investments towards the development of a few people and became a burden on the common people even to get the basic services. If there is a solution to this problem there is famine and military aggressiveness which did not allow the people to come out of poverty at any time.

Inefficient agricultural and industrial practices are another reason for the long lasting poverty in the African countries. The people do not come out of the traditional ways of farming and industrial techniques and fail to get the expected results. Even if they want to change the practice they do not have enough funds to implement the new methods. There are no educational facilities. Even the richer African countries have a huge illiteracy rate. Though the people can speak more than two languages, there is no question of higher education. There is a huge lack of teachers, scientists or engineers in these areas.

The children in the African societies are always susceptible to water borne diseases which is a result of lack of safe drinking water. The sewage treatment systems are not sufficient to supply safe drinking water to all the people. Though the people can boil the water before drinking there is a lack of fuel so it is not an easy option. HIV AIDS is wide spread in Africa and almost 3000 people die of this disease every day. Even diseases like malaria, tuberculosis dysentery which are almost not seen in many developed countries are still prevalent in African countries. The people even resist taking vaccines to some diseases because of lack of education.

The transport facilities are worse in African countries. The railways or the roadways are not connected properly. Some coastal areas are connected only through sea irrespective of how the structure of the land is. Even telecommunication system is not up to the mark and is not connected properly. In addition to all these there is another major issue, conflicts. Civil wars in Somalia, War between Ethiopia and Eritrea are long lasting. Though there is no money to provide basic amenities to people the military forces are well-equipped and financed. So Africa is full of refugees and the governments do not find a way to tackle the logistical problems.

Poverty in Africa

Overcome Poverty in Africa

To give aid directly, many non-profit organizations throughout the world are working together. They work directly as volunteers and provide the basic needs of the people like safe drinking water, education and improved health care which the governments are failing to do. The charities accept donations worldwide and work on the projects to uplift the lives of the African people and offer their part to remove Poverty in Africa.

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