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Crisis in Asia 2013

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Crisis in Asia. Asia is the biggest continent on the Earth and two thirds of the population in the world lives here. Almost 39 % of the population lives in drier places which are more susceptible to famine. Poverty in Asia is a huge problem and is to be addressed by any government or charity. More than two thirds of the world’s poverty is seen in Asia and most of it in southern Asia.

In most of the Asian countries majority of the people live in rural areas and hence poverty is identified as a rural problem. Eastern Asia and South-Eastern Asia have been working towards improving the condition and reducing the poverty for the last thirty years and they succeeded to some extent but it is not the case with the southern Asia. Tsunami which hit the southern countries of Asia, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand left the countries in major destruction. It takes so many years for them to recover from this shock.

Though there are cultural differences among the Asian countries the poor people share the same economic, demographic and social reasons for their poverty, the main reason being landlessness. The poor people in villages have large families depending on few earning people and less education.

The villages do not have basic facilities like safe drinking water, sanitation and electricity. Due to lack of education, they do not have any business and negotiating experience or any access to technology and hence lag behind many other countries which are equal to them in resources. Let us compare all parts of Asia.

crisis in asia 2013

Crisis in Asia mostly about poverty

Eastern Asia:

Eastern Asia has improved a lot from the past thirty years and successfully reduced poverty to two thirds. There was a drastic improvement in agricultural production especially in those countries where the land is distributed equally. There is a constant increase in the Gross National income. China is the best example.

South-Eastern Asia:

Similar to Eastern Asia there is a drastic development in South-eastern Asian countries also in the past thirty years. Poverty is decreased to a great extent. Gross national income also increased same as in Eastern Asian countries. The cases of HIV AIDS have increased faster than in Africa and are mainly seen in the rural areas. If this issue is not addressed immediately all the benefits obtained by reducing the poverty will be lost. In addition to this the recent Tsunami took a huge toll of life and destroyed many villages and fishing societies. It takes so many years to rebuild the lives of the people there.

Southern Asia:

Most of the Southern Asian countries did not develop much during the last thirty years and there is no significant increase in the gross national income. Though there is a decrease in poverty it is not so significant when compared to the percentage of population living under the poverty line fixed by the government. This is the poorest region in the world other than the sub-Saharan Africa. The people here show gender inequalities and women still suffer social discrimination. The number of women population as compared to men population in this region is less in contrast to the rest of the world.

Central Asia:

An intense economic changeover has taken place in central Asia. The agricultural sector has been privatized and the large government farming has changed to small private ownerships. Due to the lack of knowledge of new techniques in agriculture, the new farmers faced problems. The mountainous villages did not show any change in the economy and hence the poverty remained as it is.

Western Asia:

In this region the urban areas developed with the help of the government policies and investments whereas the rural areas were neglected leading to poor transport, illiteracy, inefficient local institutions and a huge exodus of youth to urban areas for opportunities. Turkey is the only country which shows a consistent decrease in poverty over the years. Civil wars, large refugee populations, political and security issues are all reasons which effect rural poor people the most.

Overcome Crisis in Asia

Though there is reduction in poverty in Asian countries over the years in some regions, it is actually the same in the other regions. The rural poor people in those regions still wait for a helping hand to uplift their lives.

The non-profit organizations all over the world take donations from the people worldwide to offer services to the poor people in these regions like education, improved health care, supply of safe drinking water and training the youth to get self-sufficiency. The charities work towards reducing Poverty in Asia.