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Crisis in New Zealand

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Crisis in New Zealand. New Zealand is a serene country but it takes no time to change into a horrific place since it is very susceptible to natural calamities. The layers of earth around the country always try to adjust giving rise to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, landslides etc. The latitudinal position of the country also makes it susceptible to cyclones, floods, forest fires, snow storms etc. A natural disaster in New Zealand makes it appear quite dangerous.

Several Crisis in New Zealand

Crisis in New Zealand

New Zealand has one of the best monitoring systems to identify any natural disaster well before it can happen. There is a well-organized disaster management system. Even with all the advanced technology in place, one cannot expect the same thing to happen always. A new solution may have to be planned whenever required.

As the plates under the surface of the Earth always move and try to adjust there are earthquakes constantly but most of them are minor with not more than 4 on the Richter scale. The biggest earthquake occurred in 1931, but later due to the advancement of technologies these could be identified before. In 2010 and 2011 there was an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 in Christchurch, which was a major disaster taking the death toll to 185. This was a part of the chain of earthquakes experienced during that time. This was a major disaster as earthquakes are very difficult to identify beforehand.

Another crisis that New Zealand faces is landslides. These are caused mainly due to heavy rain or snow. Even earthquakes are a reason for causing landslides. New Zealand is full of mountains and there is always news of a landslide causing the death of a farmer or closing a path. The roads which are susceptible to landslides have been marked with tracks and people should stick to the tracks and should not go away from them to be safe.

There are 9 active volcanoes in New Zealand. The eruption of Mt. Tarawera took a huge toll of life in recent times but the biggest one might have been that of Taupo which gave rise to the North island thousands of years ago. White island, Ruapehu, Taranaki and Nagauruhoe are the other volcanoes which are under the monitoring of the scientists. There is even a tour to White island which takes you deep into the volcano. The northern part only has volcanoes and hence is closely monitored.

The country is located in such a way that it is susceptible to cyclones both from the Pacific and the Antarctic oceans. The storms that are experienced during the cyclone will reach a speed of 180 Km/h and may cause lot of destruction. The waves may reach a height up to 8 meters and may result in lot of damage and cause erosion. A cyclone in East Cape is known to have eliminated a forest and filled the coastline with tree trunks. One of the major natural disaster that New Zealand faces is cyclones as they result in floods, damage of roads and even take the lives of people.

Though there are advanced technologies to identify and monitor natural disasters, as man cannot dictate the nature, we cannot expect the disaster to occur in a particular way. When some unexpected thing happens there is a lot of risk of losing the lives of many people.

New Zealand is otherwise a peaceful country and is very beautiful but, is always vulnerable to natural calamities like earthquakes, landslides and cyclones. As we have seen in the above lines that cyclones hit the country majorly causing lot of damage. New Zealand has a very good disaster management system and hence could withstand these natural disasters.

Help Crisis in New Zealand

There is a necessity of the people all around the world to donate to the charities which take up the work of rebuilding the areas victimized due to the natural disasters in New Zealand. Help the charity organizations to lend their helping hand to the people in need and rebuild their lives which were affected by the disasters. They need health care mainly which has to be improved in the areas affected due to the cyclones or any other disaster. The places may have been blocked because of the land slides.

The charity organizations volunteer in clearing the paths to areas which are affected by the cyclones. Everyone on Earth take an oath to help mankind who are in trouble and donate with full heart. Help New Zealand overcome the crisis and stand against any calamities in future with courage.