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Crisis in Africa 2013

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Floods and Crisis in Africa. When there is no advanced mechanism to withstand natural calamities, the lives of people are always in peril whenever a disaster occurs. Floods are such natural disaster which leaves the people homeless and to worsen the situation diseases spread because of poor sanitation and lack of pure drinking water.

crisis in africa 2013

List of Crisis in Africa

We list out some of the recent crisis in Africa below:

Floods in Bamako:

The heavy downpour caused floods in the Malian capital Bamako which resulted in the death of 24 people. Around hundred houses have been damaged on the banks of the river Niger leaving thousands of people homeless. These floods are common in every rainy season resulting in many deaths and huge displacement of people and widespread diseases due to poor hygienic conditions.

Floods in Sudan:

The floods affected the Ugandan border town Elegu the most. The nearby river overflowed due to the continuous downpour. The floods caused 15 deaths and 100000 people became homeless as 20000 houses were destroyed. Elegu is a trade center in the border of Uganda and Sudan. Many businesses have been damaged and the people are in distress. The toilets have been washed away and the people are forced to use the bushes and now there is a danger of the spread of cholera. The charity organizations came forward to supply food and blankets to people but still so many remain unattended.

Floods in Johannesburg:

The Limpopo River overflowed due to the heavy rains resulting in 6 deaths. So many areas are under water and are inaccessible. People are stuck on rooftops and mountains waiting for the rescue teams to help them. Many houses have been damaged leaving the people homeless. The total damage is still not clear as there is no way to reach some places. There are casualties when the houses collapsed and when lightening struck. The disaster left the people under shock.

Help Crisis in Africa

Floods are a common disaster during every rainy season very less precautions are taken to save the people. The after effects of the floods are even more harassing as there is poor hygiene resulting in the spread of diseases. People need help both to restore their health and their infrastructure. As people are displaced from the flood areas they need help to build their lives elsewhere. The charity organizations throughout the world, come together to help the victims of floods in Africa.

They accept donations from people and use them for rebuilding their towns, providing educational facilities, improved health care, medical supplies when an epidemic spreads etc. They help the people to come out of shock and help them withstand such calamities in future.

They bring volunteers who work at the victimized places close to the people and help them restore their lives. The charities provide safe drinking water to everyone to avoid the spread of diseases and spread awareness of maintaining good hygiene. Though floods happen every year, due to poor technologies and government policies there is not much difference in the after effects of the floods.