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Charity Giving Statistics

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Latest research on Charity Giving Statistics for how much they give and what are they. Donations to charities can take any form. This varies from giving little money as coins to fixed monthly donations, from helping the homeless people to donating to international charity organizations. Those who donate to charities also vary in many ways. They may be children or adults, individuals or a family as a whole. There are no such fixed criteria. Donating to a charity is a thought and does not depend on all these factors. The percentage of people donating to charities is increasing year after year. This proves that this practice has been widespread throughout the world. The statistics of charity giving show that 58% of the adult population in UK itself give to charities and is on the rise since 2008.

Charity Giving Statistics – How much do they give?

How to know how much people give to charities? If you calculate the average of the donations, it actually goes up with a few donations of huge amounts. So calculating the median would be a better choice to get a correct indication of how much people give to charities.

This is gradually increasing as the people are becoming more aware of helping the needy. The assessed amount given by the adult population in UK itself as per 2011 charity giving statistics was 11 billion pounds. It is found that the donations have increased by 6.1 % since 2008. This proves that the recession or inflation did not affect the general public in continuing their donations.

Some people donate in huge amounts. As per the statistics in 2011, only 7% of the donors gave 100 pounds or more every month, but this amount contributed to almost half of the total donations. So the charities definitely depend on such donations. Though the individual donations of lesser amounts contribute to 1 million pound in a year the average of the donations mainly rises because of the larger donations. If the donations of larger amounts remain the same, the average does not actually change even if the individual smaller donations decrease. The causes to which individual donations come also vary from year to year as the priorities of the people may also vary. The top cause may sometimes be education while it may be health care or arts and culture some other times.

As per the charity giving statistics of 2011, it is found that 61% of women donated to charities while only 56 % of men contributed to charities. The average amounts donated by the women also was higher than that of men. The giving varies with age also. More women between the ages 45 to 64 years donated the most and their donations are also higher than those made by others. The occupation is another factor which decides those who give. People in managerial and professional occupation are those who give the most and those people in routine and manual occupations gave the least. People in all other occupations gave something between these two limits.

As we said earlier that the causes to which people donate varies from time to time. Medical research took the top position of the causes which receive donations most of the times. It can be education or taking care of homeless some other times. Religious, children and young people and international causes may also get a huge amount of donations.

Charity Giving Statistics for Individual and Family Donations in the year 2011:

charity giving statistics

It is studied that 88% of the families donate to charities. Corporate donations were stable throughout the year. Foundation giving increased over the years. Individuals topped the list in donations, then foundations followed by bequests and corporations. The causes which received the donations were religion, education, human services and grant making foundations in that order. The donations to charity increased like the stock market. There is a huge increase in online donations also year after year.

Charitable Organizations The number of charitable organizations which are tax exempt in the United States decreased from the previous year but again increased by the year 2013. The number of foundations also increased over the years.

Charity Giving Statistics for Volunteering:

The top volunteering activities are fund raising, food collection or distribution, general service or transportation and teaching in that order. The areas in which these volunteers worked are religious, education, social service and health organizations.

There are other donor advised funds, and support organizations which take donations from the people to serve the needy. There is donation of vehicles which also is a type of charity giving and is on the rise now. People are now aware that the world around needs their help and are not hesitating to give to charities.

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