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Online Charity Auction Services

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Online Charity Auction Services

Online charity auction services generates good amount of money for a charity along with providing some fun. The auction even promotes the cause and hence gets support from the public. Like any other event online auction also needs proper planning and time.

It doesn’t need any high technical expertise as this will be looked after by many online websites. The one thing that you need to concentrate is to know what tools will be generating more money and support from the public. This has to be found out from the charity organizations.

How Online Charity Auction Services Work:

Online charity auction services are same as the normal auctions. They differ only in the fact that they are organized through the website. People don’t actually need to go to the location where the auction is taking place and bid but just browse on the website to know the details of the item under auction and bid their prices. Most of the online auction services use ‘Proxy Bidding’. The bidder has to enter the maximum bidding price. The system bids for him with little increments to the present price. This continues till the maximum bidding amount is reached and gets stopped. The highest bidder will win. There is a chance of increasing the maximum bidding amount in between. In such a case the first person will be informed about it and the bid continues. You can design the auction to make it more exciting to the bidders. Many charity organizations sell many items regularly during these auctions.

Manual Online Auctions:

The above given method uses an auction tool which takes care of the bidding. But it can be done manually also. You can ask the bidders to place their bids in the comment section of a website and decide the winner or place the present price of the item in a website and ask them to mail their bids. Revise the present price depending upon the bid received. The highest bidder will win. This type of auction works fine when there may be less number of bidders. It looks easy to those who are not well versed with technologies but may appear unprofessional to others. So you may better go for cheaper auction tools instead of going manual.

Though you have a very good auction tool it cannot generate much traffic to your auction. It needs a lot of planning, preparation, advertisement and time. So before you plan an auction just think of the following points to actually make it work.

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Decide first how big you want to make auction to be. To plan an auction correctly you need to know the answers of the following questions.

  • Do you want to continue the auction for different items for a long time or do you want to finish it with a very few items?
  • Does your auction match with the other fund raising programs you undertake?
  • How can you strengthen people’s trust towards your charity with this auction?
  • Do you auction the items related to the cause you support or do you auction all types of items to increase the bidders?


There should be a number of fascinating items for an auction to be successful. Many charities take the help of their friendly corporations to provide them good items or services. For example ask for dinner with a celebrity or follow a news reporter for a day etc. There are some services which offer tickets for cruises or shows that can be auctioned. You don’t have to pay for these without being sold. After they are sold you can pay much less than its actual price.


If you want to attract bidders, people have to know that there is an online auction going on. Email or social media comes handy at this point of time. You can publicize the auction so that maximum number of people gets to know about it. Your focus should be on people who are tech – savvy, because those who are not interested in internet will never try to bid online. You will be auctioning a wide variety of items which may need more publicity to reach to a wide range of people. Lot of marketing is required to generate huge number of bidders and make the auction a success.

Customer Service and Shipping:

It is very important to carefully deliver the products while you undertake a sale. You must be able to answer questions. The timeliness of the delivery and the accuracy of the product descriptions matter the most to develop public trust.

All the steps involved in the Online Charity Auction Services take so much of time to make it a huge success. In addition to all the above steps you need to spend more time to prepare the descriptions, take photographs and upload information of the items.

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