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Top 8 Charity Fundraising Ideas at Work

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Charity Fundraising Ideas at Work

Provide 8 simple steps for Charity Fundraising Ideas at work. Some big companies encourage the idea of giving among their employees to spread awareness of helping the needy people. They conduct some fund raising activities at the office itself to make it convenient to the employees. The employees in such companies can even take some time off for volunteering a good cause.

If you want to raise funds for a good cause at your workplace here are a few ideas for fund raising at work. These Charity Fundraising Ideas at Work will definitely make your colleagues open their wallets and lend their helping hand.

Top 8 Charity Fundraising Ideas at Work

Fancy dress fund raising contest:

Make a list of the managers in your office and keep a voting for choosing the person who should wear a special costume like a pink ballerina hippo costume. There will be price for voting. The person who gets the highest number of votes should wear the costume for one whole day in the office. Though the person who wins may not be happy for this but can be satisfied that he had generated the highest amount of funds for a good cause. This contest will be fun in addition to raising funds.

Breakfast Sale:

You can organize the sale of breakfast once in a week during the promotion of the cause. Get the raw materials required for the breakfast and prepare it at your lunch room and sell. Generally people find it something different and definitely want to have the breakfast there for a break. You can fix the prices for all varieties and direct the sales towards the cause. You can try pan cakes, waffles, and sausages etc. which are simple yet tasty.

Candy sale:

As we see candy bags given as return gifts in kids’ birthday parties, you can keep a sale of such bags. Employees, who want to thank anyone or just want to give best wishes, can buy these bags and gift them to others. There should be ‘Thank You’ or ‘Best Wishes’ written on the bags. All those who want to wish their colleagues but are unable to get an idea how, can readily buy these candy bags and gift them. The sales can be directed towards the cause.

Guess games:

Ask all the employees to bring their childhood photos and paste them on a notice board with a letter. Prepare guess sheets with the list of names. Ask the employees to match the name with the photos. Keep a price for the guess sheet. One person can take any number of guess sheets. The one who gets the most guesses correct will win the game. Everyone will be very interested to identify the people in the photos. So you can generate good amount of funds by this game. You can ask your company’s technical sponsors for gifts or you can also buy some simple gift cards from Starbucks or Jamba juice etc.

Bingo games:

You can arrange bingo games once in a week with a ticket for a minimum of 4 rounds. One person can take tickets for any number of rounds. More rounds means more chances to win. So they get tempted to take more tickets.

Movie and Popcorn:

Arrange a movie in your conference room and sell passes once in a week, may be a weekend so that work will not be disturbed. Get a bag of popcorn as well. This works very well as your colleagues can have a lighter moment in the office itself.

Sale of Books:

Ask your employees to donate old books which are not damaged so that you can organize a sale of these books. Fix the price of the book depending on its condition. This is a good idea as people show interest in books and that too if the sale is in support of a good cause.

Bake Sale:

You can arrange a sale of baked items like muffins, breads which you can readily get from a bakery when there is no sale of hot breakfast. Fix a price to each of the item and sell them.

Sale of Hot Dogs, Hot Chili beans:

These can be sold during the lunch time. Prepare a menu with prices of each item specifying the toppings like cheese.

All the above ideas for fund raising at work give good results. The employees do not find time to actually donate to any charities even if they want to. So if they get an opportunity like this they will definitely come forward to spend for a good cause. The companies should take an initiative to organize such activities.

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