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Help for Africa in Crisis

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Help for Africa in Crisis

A large food crisis hit east Africa in 2011, as a result of which almost 13 million people were victimized. Death of cattle, damage of harvests occurred making the life the families a disaster. This is the most dreadful famine of the 21st century taking a huge toll of life. So many charities came forward to offer help and pleaded for donations.
Though there were developments after the famine in some parts of Africa the crisis still continues in the rest of Africa.

The emergency declared in the countries could not help completely. Millions of Africans still are in need of support. There is no suitable equipment to give the forecasts of the next rains. The African communities do not have the basic facilities, organization and the capability to withstand any such crisis in future. To restructure the communities and to give back their lives needs continuous labor in the coming years. Charities all over the world collectively helped millions of people in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. The people who received help included small scale farmers, poor and refugees.

Help for Africa in Crisis worked on several programs

The charity organizations worked on different programs like emergency support, long term development, prevention and support to solve the main cause for a continuous famine. Their main goal is to

  • Provide clean and safe drinking water
  • Betterment of hygiene and health of the people
  • Restoration of the livelihoods of the people and providing food, markets and other services
  • Working along with the local public for the improvement of the situation
  • Providing support to women
  • Promoting and supporting programs which work on long term basis to fight the food crisis.

Help for Africa in Crisis in Several Countries

Let us see how the charities work in different African countries to bring their life back.


Somalia was hit the most by the crisis and need emergency action by the humanitarian societies. The long lasting battles even worsened the situation. Because of the insecurity the charities are not able to deliver their full services. They have to take the help of the local organizations and try to give support to the people. The charities worked on establishing feeding centers, water systems, cash transfers, programs to aid the farmers, Spreading awareness about cholera to reduce its expansion. If you help for Africa in Crisis many families will get support through these charity organizations.


Three places in Ethiopia; Somali, Oromiya and Tigray are the main centers of crisis. The humanitarian organizations assisted the people affected by the famine. With the advent of timely rains the situation came under control. But the forecast says that there may be a scarcity of rains again which means that there may be a similar situation again and the families may be brought to the same critical condition again.

The main focus of the charity organizations is to provide more dependable resources of water like bore wells, improving the motor-powered water projects, betterment of the traditional farming techniques. In the dry areas of Africa water is supplied through trucks. The water is purified and is supplied to the people for drinking, cooking, washing and for animals. 5 liters of water per head is given daily to satisfy the minimum need of the people. People like you should be generous to help Africa in crisis and enable the people get their lives.


The places in the remote Northern areas like Turkana, Wajir and Dadaab millions of people are helped to gain their livelihood. The main source of livelihood to people in these areas is cattle. But the famine took a huge toll of the livestock leaving the people helpless. Even if the cattle lived they became very weak because of lack of food and could not be sold. The charity organizations help these people by buying the weak cattle so that the people get some income for their livelihood. The meat from these animals is given to the local community again so that the people get some food. Animal health projects are taken up to help the animals withstand the famine.

These are the situations prevailing in some of the countries in Africa. There are many other places which are in a similar situation and the people there are waiting for generous hearts to uplift them. Though the charities throughout the world are working on similar lines, they need a huge funding support to materialize all their programs. People all around the world should take the initiative to help them and donate freely. If you can help for Africa in crisis, that means you have the humanity to let others live.

[image source:‘A Cry for Help’: Hunger and Drought Crisis in West Africa]