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Donate for Asia

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Donate for Asia

Countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other Asian countries lack good Educational facilities because of which illiteracy prevails. Illiteracy is the root cause of many complex issues. Some Donate for Asia charities identified this issue and started programs to enable the children and youngsters get good education in their villages.

People all around the world donate for Asia either as monthly donations or one time donation to work on the issues prevailing in those areas. The following are the programs that the charities focus to better the lives of the people in some Asian countries.

Donate for Asia Programs

  • School buildings are constructed to provide education to the children. This is a huge task involving a lot of planning and takes lot of time to actually get into shape. It involves taking permissions from the local community, tribal chiefs, Islamic leaders and the concerned authorities. All of them interfere right from the beginning of the project till the evaluation. A team of experienced people help for the successful completion of all the stages to match it with the funds issued by the charity and the utilization of the local resources like land etc. the commitment of the charity results in long lasting results. Once the construction of the school is finished with the entire equipment, the charity continues to give funds until the local community gets the capacity to run by itself.
    You can donate for Asia to enable these developments.

    • The children from primary, secondary and in higher studies are given scholarships. Children who have completed school in their village and want to pursue further studies but cannot afford, can apply with the charities for scholarships. These scholarships cover the expenses incurred for boarding, tuition, books, uniforms, travel and everything that comes in the way for the children’s education. Advanced education scholarships are given for different types of training like teacher, law, animal husbandry, communications etc. People can donate to Asia for all these works to be done.
    • There is less government support in Asian countries for getting teachers from other countries. So the charities have to be satisfied with the limited qualified teachers. The best thing they can do is offer training to the local people to become better teachers. So, the charities use their funds to provide training to those who are qualified to become teachers. Though the government takes the possession of the schools once they are completed the charity organizations provide financial aid. Training the local people helps them to get a sense of involvement and feel responsible to deliver their duties.
    • Though education is important, spreading awareness about health is also equally important. Projects like providing safe drinking water, improving health care and disaster relief are taken care of by the charities. Because of lack of clean drinking water the lives of children below 5 years are in peril as they are more susceptible to diseases. Even if they manage to survive, they have little growth. Different charity organizations work on providing clean water to the communities in addition to providing training in health care, medical supplies and establishing dispensaries. Disasters like earthquakes, landslides and floods often leave most of the people homeless and striving for food. Many non- profit organizations along with the UN agencies and the governments of the disaster hit countries work collectively on providing instant needs like water, nutrition, sanitation and education. The charities go ahead with building temporary tents for schools while the construction of new buildings will be going on. They need donations for all such activities from the people all around the world.
    • Women are very backward in the Asian countries. For a better community the women should be empowered and should be self-sufficient. The non-profit organizations take this aspect very seriously and help to provide training in many skills so that they can earn their living by selling handicrafts and clothes. These training centers not only provided training but also helped the women come up to share their views and ideas to solve their issues. In a place where women are treated as secondary citizens, this development is definitely the path to success. These training centers are set up in the houses so that the women don’t need to go to any schools. The equipment, books and everything is provided by the charities.

    Donate for Asia and help for the betterment of the people.

    The charities all around the world join hands to improve the lives of the people in certain countries of Asia. Why not everyone join their hands to lend their share of support? Every penny of yours will be used for the betterment of the people. The common goal for everyone in this world should be to make the world as one land to live in with each of the people helping each other.

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