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Charity Review

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What is charity review?

Everything on Earth has got standards. Did you ever think that charity organizations also have standards? In today’s world every field is facing competition no matter what it is. To make an organization stand out it needs to build trust among the public and improve the reputation of the organization. Charity organizations mainly stand on public trust. Once it is lost the organization has no place to survive.

This trust helps to attract more promising donors. There are some accountability standards which the organization has to comply with. So for this the people who have first – hand experience with the organization give reviews about the charity. Such review is known as Charity review.

The main purpose of accountability standards is to prove the commitment of the charity organization and convince the donor that their donation is not misused.

Charity Review

Charity Review

These accountability standards are generally categorized into four areas.

  • Public disclosure
  • Governance
  • Financial activity
  • Fund raising

There will be a specific indicator for each of the above categories and that indicator shows whether the organization has met the standards.

Hints for writing Charity Review

To write a review for a charity organization is a responsible task as it should give a genuine picture to the donors. Here are some helpful hints in writing charity review.

  • The reviews become more helpful if they come out from first – hand experience. Things which are important are the source through which you came to know about this organization and are you satisfied with the programs they undertake?
  • Your review should be very detailed including real examples.
  • Imagine you to be the reader and write what a reader wants to know about the organization.
  • Think what you want to indicate to the reader from your review and then proceed further.
  • Your writing should be simple and straight forward.
  • Keep in mind that your review should be genuine as it is about a charity organization and the donors have the right to know the reality. So don’t ever try to give reviews which mislead the reader, give false information, derogatory to a particular community, and encourage hatred or racism.
  • Your review should not harass an individual directly or indirectly.
  • Take care that the review does not encourage any illegal activity or abusive behavior.
  • Keep in mind that the review does not threaten anybody or send an obscene idea to the readers. It should not be pornographic. The review is actually about a charity organization and hence should be decent and no vulgar picture should be created.
  • As a conclusion include your personal experiences with the organization and the facts that you liked the most.
  • Last but not the least point to bear in mind is to read the review before you finally post it to make necessary improvements or corrections.

To write a charity review is a huge task. Why not? It is the responsibility of the reviewer to give genuine facts to build trust among the donors for the smooth running of the charity programs of that organization without getting involved in any controversies.