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donate for africa

Many charities work jointly to address the challenges faced by the sub Saharan Africa. These works may include spreading awareness of HIV AIDS, distributing books to children, providing support to start small businesses for women, conserving animal life etc.

These charities which work collectively face the biggest tasks of financial responsibility, governance, efficiency of programs. They share their views and solutions about issues and practice the best way to get the best result. The charities which work for up lifting the lives of the people in Africa accept donations from the common public. These donations can be to different charities individually or to a specific project like African girls Education Fund which enable more African girls get good education. People show interest to donate for Africa to give their share.

Donate For Africa Charity Goal

Whatever challenge the charities address their main goal is to help the people of Africa solve their problems and provide a better future for their children and improve their communities. For example we can clearly understand the importance of providing education to girls. When more girls are educated, more of them go to work and earn a good income which in turn helps to eliminate poverty.

Educated girls do not marry at a younger age and can plan their families so that they can provide better education for their children. Earning girls put almost 90% of their income for the families in contrast to only 40% put by men. When the girl has seven or more years of extra schooling she postpones her marriage to four years more and has only one or two children. This helps her to provide goods education and better health conditions to her children. This definitely reduces infant deaths.

The charities provide scholarships and stipends in addition to providing educational facilities to African girls so that they would continue their education for a longer time. You can donate for Africa for the progress of these activities.

A Self-help Assistance Program ASAP helps the people gain self- confidence.

This program is known for its commitment, determination and love for people. The goal of this program is to make the people aware of the developmental activities that are going on in their country so that they would not cause hindrance but offer support among their communities.

ASAP consists of the local people working for them and taking decisions. They make the people learn about internal savings and lending so that they can work together to solve their local issues. They also help people learn new agricultural techniques, education practices, prevention of Cholera and HIV AIDS and small business techniques. This helps them to be self- dependent and become able to solve their issues.

Donate For Africa and save the children

The children in sub – Saharan Africa face challenges right from the infant stage. There is a child death recorded every thirty seconds because of some disease which can actually be treated, HIV AIDS or hunger. So, many charities focus the issue of child deaths. These charities mainly work on the cause in order to bring a change among the local communities. So they address issues regarding education, eliminating poverty and fighting for human rights along with providing health care solutions.

They help the children to eliminate illiteracy, poverty and dependence. For every 12$ monthly support from donors, a child goes to school and gets nutritional food along with education. Programs are initiated to develop the child’s behavior and help them to give their share in the progress of their community. Children are inspired to go and stay in schools for their betterment.

Some charities help the African families start their own small businesses so that they become economically self-sufficient. They provide medical supplies to hospitals, dig drinking water wells to see that people get safe drinking water. They bring in volunteers as teachers, social workers, pastors and medical professionals so as to provide better services. Orphans and children living in poverty are focused mainly to provide educational and medical facilities.

Donate for Africa and help to improve the lives of the people there.

Children suffering from HIV AIDS and harassed due to the war and poverty in Ethiopia and Kenya are supported by many charities. They offer scholarships to girls in Tanzania who have good knowledge of science and mathematics and are unable to go for higher education because of their poverty. Girls facing ill-treatment in Kenya are taken care of and are supported to go to school or start a self- employment.

All the programs mainly aim at children and girls as the charities believe that the future of any country depends on how the future citizens grow. When the children get proper education they can give it back to their society in future which results in a better society. So people all over the world should generously donate to the charities which look after these programs in Africa and help the children there to have a better life. Donate for Africa and donate a life.