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Best 15 Ideas for Fund Raising

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Ideas for Fund Raising

Charities need huge money to keep their good work going. Though they get donations in the form of cash or any other household items, they need even more to continue the work. So, the organizations plan to raise the funds. Initially it may not give fruits but as the time goes depending on their imaginative ideas, the funds come flowing. Here are a few ideas for fund raising, which have already proved to attract donors.

You should always take care that these ideas should be permitted by law, take care of health and hygiene of those involved and if alcohol is to be used contact the respective authorities in the area where you plan to keep the program and ensure that you do not oppose the law.

Best 15 Ideas for Fund Raising

  1. First identify a place which you can use for free indoor or outdoor. Get a huge pot to prepare tea and start baking cakes. Provide a bit of entertainment. Now see how you can sell the cup of tea with a piece of cake.
  2. Collect recipes from your friends and relatives and anyone, add some more tips gathered from them and format them. Now get the recipes printed and offer them for sale.
  3. Select a place preferably with permission to serve a little alcohol. Request the local restaurants to donate pudding and wine. Provide some entertainment like games and quizzes. Keep a ticket for the entry. This will draw some money.
  4. Contact the wine dealer in your area and request to provide samples. When people who are new can taste the wine and if they buy it a part of the sales will be given to the charity. The details of such programs can be obtained from the wine dealer as they might have organized such events before.
  5. Make your home a small restaurant for an evening and charge money from the diners for food and you can organize a few games by selling tickets.
  6. Organize barbeque in your garden and sell tickets for games and other entertainment. Sell the food to raise funds.
  7. You can help for packing in supermarkets and ask for donations from the customers. Contact the supermarket and fix a date. Remember that you may have to work to long hours.
  8. Organize sports activities. Think of zumbathons. Ask any zumba instructor who can spare some time and organize the activity and inform the participants that a part of the ticket is going to the charity. You can also plan for some fitness activities.
  9. Plan some simple games in Golf and keep an entry fee. Balls in the net, nearest the pin etc. can be taken to award the prizes. You can use donated gifts for giving the prizes.
  10. Arrange football games with five members in each team. There are so many football lovers and to get as many teams as possible spread the net wide. Talk to the local club if they can get involved and provide some tips to the footballers. Keep an entry fee for the teams who want to play and make them enjoy.
  11. Arrange a cricket match for the cricket lovers. Modify the rules a little for the convenience of the players so that more people will be interested to play. Make sure that you give them more breaks in between to facilitate sales of drinks and food. Keep an entry fee for the teams.
  12. Take a swimming pool for a specific time and hold competitions. Keep an entry fee for the participants and give away donated items as prizes.
  13. Arrange an art and craft workshop with an entry fee. Involve everyone to make some craft work and sell them there itself. Jewellery, greeting cards, candles or pictures can be made easily without much effort. You can hold an exhibition of those items in a place where most of the people go and ensure that you carry out maximum sales.
  14. Bake some cakes and put them for sale. Make huge cake and conduct a competition of guessing the weight, amount of flour used etc.
  15. If you have any printer friend try to print some calendars and put them up for sale. Take care that you won’t spend much on the printing.

Common Ideas for Fund Raising

You can arrange stalls for unused items which are in good condition, car garage sales, plant sales, books, games nights, coffee mornings, supper evenings, charity ball, dog show, fashion show, balloon race, duck race, boat race etc. Make sure that you get the venue for free.

Otherwise most part of the funds raised will have to go for the rent. These are very few ideas for fund raising. It depends on your creativity and how well you can organize the activities.