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Child Fund

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Child Fund

ChildFund is founded in the United States and was earlier known as China’s children Fund and Christian Children’s Fund. This charity mainly focuses on children who are under privileged, left out and helpless. The charity works in 58 countries.

The charity looks after the children throughout the world by taking funds from individual donors in the form of monthly aids. Besides these, there are other donations which help to sponsor training, literacy, food distribution, education, health, nutrition, sanitation, immunization and emergency during adversities.

The organization gives publicity of their activities to the public through TV commercials showing the people who are benefited through their work. They even take the help of celebrities who show interest in charity, to spread the importance of charity and inspire people for donating generously.

Childfund was established in1938 with a name China’s Children Fund by Dr. J calvitt Clarke initially to support Chinese children who were moved as refugees during the second Sino- Japanese war. As this foundation spread out later to other countries the name was changed to Child Fund International. In 2002, this organization partnered with 11 other organizations working on similar lines and started looking after the needy children in 55 countries. All the organizations collectively share the funds and other resources and wok as a team to improve the lives of more children.

Child Fund Mission:

ChildFund works on improving the lives of under privileged, left out and helpless children and make them lead their lives with confidence and enable them to grow into better individuals; parents, who up bring their children with a positive attitude; leaders, who bring a difference in their communities. They encourage the societies which value the child rights and work to protect them. This is one of the oldest charities looking after the children worldwide irrespective of their race, creed or gender.


ChildFund started youth clubs where the children and young people can share their views of how they suffer due to poverty. The organization takes clues from these views and works on the programs which are needed to solve the issues so that the issues are focused directly. The organization succeeded in improving child health, providing awareness on nutritional diet. The organization focuses on education along with improving the quality of education provided. They even do researches to understand which skills are more suitable for the children in their communities so that the children can learn those things while they grow up to contribute to their communities.

Child Fund Programs:

Child Fund collaborates with the local governments and non- government sources to make their programs work more efficiently and to give good results. They proposed that the local families and communities should work together to defeat poverty and provide their children with their rights.

Child Fund focuses their programs to achieve their three goals, healthy infants, educated and confident children, skilled and contributing youth. This detailed process helps the children to grow up into better individuals as they go on learning how to overcome issues they face in their life. The youth are given an opportunity to share their experiences and are even allowed to join the decision making procedures. The children are counseled when changing from one life stage to another to avoid any psychological problems. The children grow up focusing on the needs of their communities and hence deliver successfully when they are grown up.

Child Fund works on providing safer conditions for mothers, improved education, trained teachers, awareness of HIV AIDS, Nutrition and improved health care. The programs on nutrition include developing home gardens and spreading awareness of balanced diet. They fight malaria by providing education, health care, immunization and giving mosquito nets. In emergency situations they supply food and establish the rehabilitation centers where they usually work. They conduct researches to know which skills are useful to youth in their localities and provide facilities to learn those skills so that they grow into contributing adults.

Child Fund mainly focus on children as they recognize that today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. They identify the need to protect the children from their living conditions and develop them by providing good education, nutrition. They do not ignore any single issue of the children in the process of making their lives better. They involve the children and youth to express their views to design their programs better to get the result better. This is a two way process and hence the results are always positive. The foundation is actually helping them to build a better society by targeting the children now.