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Charity that Gives the Most

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Charity that Gives the Most

When you want to give your donation to any charity the first thing you need to know is whether the charity that gives the most to the cause because your donation will not be misused. Then how to find out which charity gives the most to the causes. Let us study the charity on the basis of the following four points.

4 Points to consider when choosing Charity that Gives the Most

How much is spent on the cause?

The first point which gives a picture of the charity is how much percentage of the donations are used for the charity work and how much is used on other expenses. It is important for a charity to spend on equipment and providing training to the staff. But this should not exceed too much when compared to other charities which do a similar work. That definitely creates a bad impression among the donors. For example if we take health charities, usually many of the charities under this category spend from 60% to 90%. But if the charity spends less than 60% then it is treated as a low grade charity.

Generally charities that spend more than 85 % of their funds on charity work are considered to be efficient. The organizations which do not undertake activities directly like hospital foundations or fundraising organizations are measured by taking into consideration, the amount of funds from the overall collection, they give to a charity. Those organizations which take only 10 % for their expenditure and direct 90 % of the funds generated, towards a charity, are considered to be more efficient.

Is the fundraising Process Efficient?

The second point that we consider to decide on whether a charity gives the most is to know the efficiency of the fund raising process. It is important to calculate how much a charity has to spend to raise 100$. Those charities which spend less than 10$ to raise 100$ is considered to be efficient. If the charities run a fund raising drive in corporate offices most of the expenditure will be borne by the corporate office. Such programs will yield more funds. The amount spent on raising a particular amount of fund decides the efficiency of the fund raising activity of a charity.

Is the charity run in a Professional way?

The third point that has to be considered to know whether a charity gives the most is to know about the administration. The charities should feel responsible to give information about the funds and expenditure. So they should always respond to the phone calls made especially from the donors so that it shows a sense of responsibility towards the charity work they are taking up. The charity organizations should be transparent in financial matters to gain the confidence of the public. They can take the help of websites to maintain the transparency. Those organizations which do not hide any financial transactions from the public are considered more efficient as transparency proves their commitment towards their work.

Does the charity really in need of your money?

The last point to be considered is the amount of funds the charity maintains in their bank account. The charities usually keep some amount for any emergency use but if such amount is huge and can be used for many years that means the charity does not actually need any extra donations. Some charities have constraints like they cannot use the principle amount and can use only the interest that they get on the principle amount. In such cases if the charity has funds only to bear the expenses for a few months then it is said have a dire need of funds. So those charities which actually have fund reserves only for a few months are considered to be more efficient as they show the responsibility to spend on charity works.

Searching for a charity that gives the most

Before deciding to which charity you want to donate just review the charity based on the above points which gives the clear picture of how your funds will be used. Giving donations is not so important as giving donations to a worthy charity which makes the best use of your funds.

To know which charity is in more need of your donation is very important. You, as a donor have every right to know how well your donations are put in use. The charity, as well should be accountable for the expenses they make. When the funds are raised and when the funds are properly put in place every charity succeeds in uplifting the lives of the needy people.