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Charity Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

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Charity Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

It is celebration time if the birthday of your son or daughter is nearing. You will be busy planning to throw a party on the kid’s name, new dresses, gifts to the birthday kid, return gifts to those who come to the party etc. But, how would it be if you change this special birthday party into a party for a purpose?

The normal celebration would become more special. Take a cause close to your heart as the kid is too young to decide on it and dedicate the party for that cause. The guests would be very happy to attend the party and help the cause both at a single stroke. A few ideas of how you can make your kid’s birthday party into a party for a cause are given below.

Charity Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties:

  1. Make the party into a fundraising program for a cause. Select a charity organization whom you want to help or a specific cause and furnish it on the invitation along with the target amount that you want to generate. Decorate the party area with the elements which reflect the charity or the cause you support. Suppose the cause you support is breast cancer then decorate the place in pink and white. T-shirts with the logo specifying the cause can be given as return gifts. But don’t forget to serve healthy food.
  2. Take the guests to the charity organization and volunteer to offer help at any program scheduled at that time and return to the party area and spend the rest of the time enjoying playing and eating. Take the responsibility of providing the transport to take the guests to the charity.
  3. When you choose a charity inform that to the guests so that they can donate any items to the charity. For instance if the charity you chose helps animal shelter then ask the guests to contribute pet food, collars etc. Decorate the party area with photos of pet animals and keep the idea live during the party. Don’t forget to provide donation box for any additional donations that the guests wish to make.
  4. Parties with a cause become memorable not only to the birthday kids but also to the guests as they are given a chance to help on their part. Every one really wants to participate in such parties. This even helps to spread awareness among the kids as they tend to learn at that age.

How to organize a Birthday party with a purpose:

Choose a theme:

Going green, Helping families, Rescuing animals, Sharing the arts are some of the themes that you can use for your kids birthday party. Pass on the theme to the guests through your invitation so that they will understand what is going to be there in the party.

Plan Activities:

Make sure that the activities involve everyone, are suitable to the age, are enjoyable and at the same time leave memories to everyone who participates. Here are some activities that you can plan for Go green party.

You can activities for other themes also in a similar manner.

  • Plant a tree in a park taking prior permission from the concerned authorities
  • Collect trash like milk cartons, food cans etc.
  • Decorate grocery bags which can be reused.
  • Decorate a rain barrel

Request donations from the guests:

If the kid is little big he or she can ask his or her friends to bring donations instead of gifts. If the kid is too young to understand this thought, the adult guests may be requested to bring donations suitable to the theme of the party. For example if the theme is helping families then the donations may be children’s clothes, toys, school supplies etc.

Select a Charity Organization:

Now choose a charity organization to which your donations will be helpful. You can search for the organization in your area through the internet. Select from them which is more relevant to the theme.

Giving card as return gifts:

Giving cards are those cards which give the worth of the card to any charity organization that the guests choose. Purchase giving cards of 10 $ each and give them to the kids. By using charity ideas for kids’ birthday parties, you make your kids aware of the necessity of charities and donations. They will grow learning the art of giving. This helps them to become better citizens in future and try to help the world around them. This is the responsibility of the parents to make them understand the importance of giving.