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Charity Dinners

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What are charity dinners?

The dinners arranged to help a cause are called charity dinners. Charity organizations or anyone can organize these dinners to raise funds which can be used for a good cause. Fund raising is a tedious process but is necessary to get money for charity.

Such activities should be entertaining for the people to give their donations. Charity dinners are the best way to attract people help for a cause. The money earned from selling the entrance tickets, donations from the people and any other money earned through the events organized during the charity dinner are transferred to help the cause which you want to support.

A few guidelines of how to organize a charity dinner are furnished below.

Charity Dinners

How to Organize Charity Dinners:

  1. The first step is to identify which cause you want to support. This may not appear very important but if the cause is not specific you cannot draw many people to support your cause. Suppose you want to focus on poverty specify the people of which place are going to be benefitted by these funds. More people will show interest when you show them a specific cause to support.
  2. The next step what you need to know is to select the place where you want to organize the charity dinner. This is an important decision that depends on your funds. So Check whether you have the money to rent a venue or you need to use the terrace or garden of someone’s house. Anything can serve your purpose. There is no such constraint. The choice of the venue is decided only by the funds you have.
  3. Make sure that the program creates enthusiasm to the participants. You can arrange good music system with speakers and games or other events which may attract some more donations from the participants besides the entrance ticket. Invite well known people who are associated with the cause and ask them to speak. People should be inspired by their speeches and try to give more donations.
  4. Arrange for an exhibition cum sale of paintings or photos or other art and craft works. The money earned through the sales can be directed towards the cause. If are unable to manage the sales, you can just arrange an exhibition of photos or any pictures depicting the need for donations and charity work. Provide a donation box in the exhibition so that the inspired participants would donate heartily.
  5. Now decide on what type of dinner you want to arrange. Of course buffet would be the easiest possibility. It will not create any problem even if a huge number of people turn out and it is the best option if you are planning to arrange the charity dinner in a hotel or a community hall.
  6. Prepare invitations and send them to everyone. Include family, friends, relatives, members of charity organizations and all those whom you feel are well connected to the cause. If you can afford advertise in a local newspaper. Sometimes if you can convince the editor of the newspaper about the cause, you can place the ad free of cost. You can distribute pamphlets with all the details including the time and venue. You can benefit more if you can draw as many people as you can. But you need to be prepared to manage if huge crowds turn up.
  7. Organize the charity dinner once you finish planning everything. Socialize with everyone and try to spread the cause. Towards the end don’t forget to thank everyone who is responsible directly and indirectly for the successful organization of the dinner. If possible give them small certificates. Try to acknowledge those who have donated huge amounts with small mementos. This finishes the program.

Charity Dinners For Raising Funds

Organizing a charity dinner is always the best way of raising funds. This program actually spreads awareness of the cause and makes the people attend more such programs in future. Of course the donations depend on how interesting and inspiring you make your program to the participants.

Even if you are unable to arrange for interesting activities make sure that people do not get bored at the dinner by providing some music. Make sure that at least the entry fee will provide you with minimum of funds. Take the help of local charity organization and include creative ideas in the planning of a charity dinner and try to generate more funds so that the cause that you want to support is benefited. You may inform the participants about how the funds have been used so that they would show interest in participating in other charity dinners in future.

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