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Sewing for Charity

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Sewing for Charity

Many people know how to sew but feel that they do not have time to do that. But some people make time to sew for people whom they do not know and if you ask them, they would say that it gives them so much satisfaction.

So these people are happy sewing for charity and using their skill for the good of others. This Sewing for Charity work includes bandages for leprosy patients, making coats from old blankets, winter caps for infants and the list goes on depending on your creativity and passion to give something to the needy.

Sewing for Charity Works

You may have never tried sewing even then it is not a great task that you cannot learn. It is very simple and can try sewing a soft, comfortable hat for infants who may be finding it difficult to beat the cold. Your hat gives them the warmth they need and helps them live. This is far worthier than want you spend on sewing the hat, your time or money. The satisfaction that you get in doing the thing yourself is not measurable.

Volunteers of various charities always agree that they are more satisfied with what they do for the people more than what they give. They believe that even small actions give them a reason to continue the work. This, they say is a type of selfishness which you can feel proud of.

Sewing for charity is a simple way to contribute your part to the society. You don’t need to spend lot of time out of your regular activities to sew for charity. Once you decide to sew for charity, the question now arises of “How to sew?” and “what to sew?” If you want to do this work in large scale better keep the record of your expenses so that you can avail tax benefits, though that is not the main objective behind your work.

Sewing instructions for the Charity Blanket Program

You can get the pattern from here

Ideas of Sewing for Charity

Here are some of the ideas of sewing for charity which includes those which are very simple and also which are a bit complex. These designs are mainly meant for charity.

  • There is no dearth of infants in the world today, and those who are homeless need to be taken care of by the people around. If you sew a blanket and gift them, it will be of great help.
  • You can take the pleasure of donating throw pillows to any hospital, they can consider them as bingo prizes.
  • People who need support for walking will get benefited if you donate handmade walker caddy. It will give them a sense of independence as they can carry their belongings even both their hands are busy.
  • Sew some gowns and burial outfits to fight the cold climates to the newborn hospitals and help the needy families.
  • Donate blankets for ill and traumatized people who need them badly to overcome the cold.
  • Bring smiles to a child with a mom who can provide nothing, by donating a handmade toy.
  • Sew some good stockings and distribute to the soldiers who protect our freedom every day.
  • There are many dogs and cats which need to be taken care of along with the people so you can sew a small bed with an old blanket and donate it to animal welfare organizations.

How to donate the Sewed items:

The first thing you need to know is to identify the charities which accept your work. It will be better to check for charities located nearby, instead of going for international organizations as it would be easy for you to drop your things at the charity.

Do a bit of research about the charities to check their credibility to ensure that your work reaches the right place. Hospital volunteers or other community groups also can be considered to give your items as they communicate with the people in need directly.

We furnish the top 10 charities which accept such items below.


Once you finish your items just inquire about the charity organizations and check with their websites to know which organizations accept what and proceed accordingly. The effort you put in to prepare the items will be forgotten as soon as you see the smiles on the faces of the recipients.

Sewing for charity does not take much of your time and you can do it with little money as you use old blankets or clothes to make these items. Sewing for charity is a great idea who want serve the society but could do that because of financial limitations.