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Purple Heart Charity Review

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Purple Heart Charity

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is a rented service organization of the veterans. This takes care of the welfare, rehabilitation and educational services. The funds for these activities are obtained by selling the household items donated to the foundation through Purple Heart Pickup service.

The donations to this foundation have the benefit of tax deduction. The foundation even provides good employment opportunities with a nice work environment and there is a possibility of working from your home.

This is the only national organization which exclusively consisted of injured veterans from the war who have received the Purple Heart Award. The foundation was started in 1782 by George Washington for bravery, loyalty and service.

The foundation looks after not only the injured veterans but also their families at free of cost. The Purple Heart pickup service accepts donations of reusable clothes and furniture or any other household items at the convenience of your home.

You don’t need to worry about the time to drop the things as the volunteers come to your place to pick them up. The things that you no longer need can be used for the people who need them. They even sell the goods which are in good condition and use the money for the veterans. These contributions help you to get tax deduction benefits.

Purple Heart Charity Mission:

This foundation was first established in Wisconsin state in 1957. The goals of the foundation are given below:

  • To collect donations for the welfare of the veterans who are the members of the Military order of the Purple Heart of the USA, to support rehabilitation of these members. The veterans who are injured in war, their widows, orphans or survivors are entitled for these services.
  • To support any other services which are linked to this service in the US and are established to take care of the veterans, their homes or any other supervision of veteran’s activities.
  • To support and help the maintenance of governmental services related to the veterans or their widows or survivors.
  • To donate funds to the Military order of Purple Heart or to directly offer the services which, are specified above.

History of Purple Heart Charity:

The name came from the badge of military merit with a heart in a purple silk cloth. This badge indicated that the person had done something meritorious. The name Purple heart best suits the services to the veterans. Once the revolutionary war ended no soldiers were awarded this badge and only in 1932, General Douglas Mc Arthur changed the name of this award as Purple Heart and refurnished the criteria to receive this award.

In the new list of criteria the injured veterans and survivors have been included. Once this award had started the first group of members were the veterans from Connecticut and Asonia. After the world war II, this organization improved a lot and expanded throughout the country with so many men and women members.

Purple Heart Charity foundation was recognized officially in 1958. The headquarters of this foundation was set up in Springfield, Virginia and has branches in all the states. This foundation acts for the veterans in every department throughout the country where they need service.

Purple Heart Charity services:

Since 1957 the donations what the foundation received was directly put back to

  • To support the veterans and their families financially
  • To help for education and award scholarships
  • Legal support for any claims made by the veterans
  • Representation in the Congress Legislature
  • For other programs undertaken throughout the country for the welfare of the veterans.

To take care of those people and their families who did not bother about their lives to protect us is our duty. The Purple Heart Foundation has been started with a noble cause and is working continuously on those lines with dedication. It is the responsibility of the citizens to donate freely for the welfare of those injured veterans, their widow and their orphans to show our gratitude and show them that they are remembered for their service.

The foundation accepts all types of donations including reusable household items which they either resell or reuse. You have the facility of tax deduction for your contributions made as it is for a noble cause. But remember to take the receipt of your donations from the foundation.

There is a pickup service to the foundation and the volunteers come to your place at the scheduled time and take away the things which you don’t require anymore. Purple Heart Charity works restless for the people who ignored rest when serving the nation.