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How to start a charity

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How to start a charity

If you have kind heart and want to do something to the society on a larger scale than your individual interest, then the best idea is to start a charity. You can get donations and volunteers and you can plan the activities accordingly. But now the question arises as “how to start a charity?” We furnish a few thoughts as an answer.

What to consider when you starting a charity

Put your Heart:

The world is full of problems which needed immediate attention like war, disease, poverty, poor education, child abuse, human trafficking, hunger, discrimination and the list is endless. As a social worker you first identify which issues you want to address the most and what problems appear too big in your view. There is no point of beginning for any social work and no one reason for the problems. When you identify the issues what you are passionate to solve, you automatically work on it committed and do not give up even if you find it difficult.

Do Research on the Issues:

The advantage of being a new comer is that there is a possibility of new ideas to creep in to solve the issues. But take care that you just jump into conclusions but do a thorough study of the issues. Try to know what the issue is, who are the victims of this problem, what is done by the other charities or government, what ways were successful in the past and what were not, are there any chances to introduce new ideas, who can be considered as the best volunteers and from where you can get imaginative ideas. You may contribute to other charity during this period and learn from their experience. When you get familiar to the pros and cons of the field you can provide solutions better.

Plan everything and set Goals:

Once you get familiar to the issues then plan how to use your resources. When you want to make a difference, it mainly depends on how you express your views on how your money helps to resolve the issue. You need to be able to identify what programs you are going to undertake during what time and what you want to achieve. When you set clear goals it helps to find the ways to reach them and when you can achieve them. This makes the granting of resources and assessment of the growth easy.

Identify your Role:

Know whether you want to be an extrovert or want to look after the back end activities of the charity, whether you want to support a specific view about a particular issue or want to be impartial. Whatever role you want to take up, you need to keep in mind that it is as important as the resources you grant.

Apply, Assess, Absorb and Adjust:

Now is the time to the actual implementation of your ideas and simultaneously learning from mistakes and adjusting the methods accordingly. Assessment is very important at this stage. All plans do not succeed always. So you should take failure as a learning experience and make alterations to the methods.

FAQs about How to start a charity

While assessing your methods you need to answer the following questions:

  • Find out whether your volunteers and you are executing exactly what you planned.
  • See that your team learns during work and result in high performance.
  • Ask the donors whether their expectations about the charity are met and undergo any alterations in the methods.
  • Make a note of all the methods which worked and which did not and use that as the knowledge base and improve to achieve results.

You can join with other donors for the assessment. This will help decrease cost and time. But when you give them the responsibility of evaluating you need to be responsible to give correct information and help them finish their work easily.

The process mainly involves good series of questions. On the whole How to start a charity is not a question to answer but a process to be learn from experience. This requires sincerity, dedication and of course a warm heart. No pursuit is fruitful in the first attempt.

There will be lot of hurdles to cross. But this proves how passionate you are about your work. Stand up and move ahead even if you fall. Learn from your mistakes and proceed with strong perseverance and there will be nothing that you cannot achieve. The difference here is, your achievement not only brings in satisfaction for you but also lot of smiles to millions of people all around the world.

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