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How to Donate Furniture to Charity

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Donate Furniture to Charity

Are you thinking about how to dispose of your old furniture? Then, here is a solution if your furniture is in good condition. Many charities accept furniture as donations and either gives them to those who are in need of them or sell them and use the money for the charity programs. Now are you confused to know how to donate furniture to charity?

List of Charity to Donate Furniture to Charity

Here we provide a list of some charities which accept furniture and make your task easy.

Furniture Banks:

There are furniture banks both in the US and Canada which are independent bodies but are associated with the Furniture Bank association of North America. The FBA maintains of the record of all the furniture banks but do not directly take any donations. The furniture banks are ready to take your furniture but have their own terms and conditions. So you better contact them before you decide to donate your furniture and know whether your furniture fits the place.

Goodwill Donation centers:

This organization takes furniture which is new or those which are moderately used. They resell this furniture in their stores and use the money for charity programs like employment services, job training, and career services. Most of the earnings of the Good will are used for the society and hence you can be certain that your furniture is not wasted and is being used for a good cause.

My Brother’s Keeper:

This is a Christian organization based in Massachusetts. This organization picks up the furniture which is in good condition and gives it to the needy. The volunteers come to your place to pick up the goods and hence you need to plan for it. The main aim of the organization is that they want to make the distressed people feel special and that they are cared. So it is mandatory that the furniture is in good condition. They accept this work to see that your goods are used to the maximum. You can just go through their website to know which areas they serve. You don’t have to worry how to donate your furniture.

Purple Heart Service Foundation:

Coffee tables, Wicker furniture, desks and rocking chairs are accepted b this organization and you can have a clear picture of what they accept in their website. Your furniture will be given to veterans and you need to fill the form in the website to plan the pickup.

Salvation Army:

This organization either picks up the goods or you can drop the goods yourself at any of the centers close to you. The money earned from the sales of the goods is funded to Salvation Army adult rehabilitation centers.

St. Vincent de Paul:

This organization has stores all around the US and you can directly drop your furniture or can request for a pick up on their online service. Only thing that is to be kept in mind is that the goods should be in usable condition.

Vietnam Veterans of America:

This organization serves 30 states in America. You need to check if you come under that list from the website. They appeal to the donors to keep the donations marked noticeably outside their house so it would be easy for the drivers to identify the place.

Donate Furniture to Charity – the other ways

The above give charities are a few but you can do a research of the charities to how to donate your furniture by going through yellow pages, contacting your local church or religious organization. You can think of centers which help

  • Homeless people or women shelters
  • Senior citizen centers
  • Schools and community theatres which may use the furniture as props.
  • Local thrift stores which resell the goods and use the money for a good cause.

All these assure you of making the best use of your furniture. The only thing that you need to keep in mind before donate furniture to charity is to see that it is in good usable condition. If you donate goods in bad condition the purpose of your donation not served. Hence if you feel that the goods can be repaired then you better get it repaired and then donate them to the charity organizations.

Donate Furniture to Charity is easy

This helps to make your donation worthy. So, before you want to change the look of your house, just search for a good organization to accept your used goods so that, you can offer your service socially, environmentally and financially. Don’t think how to donate but act finding out good organizations or thrift stores to resell.